Seeking Partners or Opponents


Looking for other highly active 2v2 teams to play against. My IGN is Fluxcore


If you’re looking for teams to play against, does this mean you have a partner?


Yes I have a Partner. Im really active so if anyone else needs a partner Ill play with you as well.


Me (The Excellent Apple) and @spacechef (Spacechef) can be your opponents, if Spacechef agrees.


Game invite sent. Thanks. =D


The reason I asked this is because it’s impossible for us to send an invite to both you and your partner if you don’t give us your partner’s GCID as well.


Looking for friendly plays to practice … Occasionally I may drop games due to life’s other priorities…
Send me invite if you don’t mind @Norahsul



I’m a master but I want to start playing as feedback, so I’m not sure how good I’ll play. So send me some games :smiley:


Well, I’m back now and want to focus on 2v2s more. Anyone who wants to be partners, send me an invite. I’ll pick scally for our first game and we’ll discuss race choice in chat.


I am a 1v1 Master consistently in top 5 of my current division. Looking for a super titan training partner to improve.


Umm if you want i can play a few friendlies feel free to send me invites on as many games as you want :wink:


Sure sure, send invites, although I’m not actually ST at the moment - GCID AlliDooisRush


Is anyone willing to be a 2v2 partner with me. I know that I’m not very good yet, I’m fluffy in 2v2(but that is partially because I’ve had a lot of games where my partner gave up on turn 2 or didn’t make a move)



Sending an invite.




Looking a for a 2 man partner, am in gifted singles.
Account name is Dusty


I’m in (silver) gifted 1v1 and (bronze) clever 2v2 looking for teammates for 2v2 league matches due to the fact that random players just quit or stop playing or don’t communicate, and we all know what happens to ranks then.
I just found the forums and the OSN so I’m gonna watch some replays and upload my own.
And me if you wanna play I’m Mistykninja on iOS.
Also will play some custom games on 1v1 since practice makes perfect and would like to learn strategies
Send me a game invite iOS Mistykninja and mention the forum just to be on the same page :relieved: that’s all!


I’ll send u invite soon as servers are back up!


Thanks Adam for making this thread!

I’m looking for training buddy… there is a lot of basic strategy I need to remember.

Also looking for a worthy 2v2 partner that meshes well with me.

feel free to send me a private message, if that feature is still available. Or just send in game invites.


Send us an invite :slight_smile: