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We plan on having 5 skill tiers in Hex Gambit, much like we had in Outwitters. Here are the titles and profile badges you'll be competing for.

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Hoping to Alpha or Beta test this when available. Very exciting stuff!


Wonder if Legacy can get out of Prodigy




She’s definitely expert right now :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you no faith in me?
I’m going all the way to grandmaster!!!


I have faith in her :stuck_out_tongue: She’s definitely higher than 2nd rank in OW (forgot its name, Clever?)




Why has this blog post turned into all of you questioning my capabilities?


Might I suggest renaming “Prodigy” to “Legacy”? (they mean similar things anyway)


@onealexleft lol


How about ProdigyofEight


If anything we need an eighth rank and that one should be called Legacy :slight_smile:


sounds epic actually.


Legacy rank?


(eighth rank = lowest of the eight)


Why even lol
Legacy should definitely be the highest of the eight

(If Grandmaster was replaced with Legacy it’d be Legacy of Five rippppp @Flarp55)


might i also suggest renaming “grandmaster” to “flarp”


Tbh flarp would be a really good name for a low rank. It’s similar to fluffy in a way


i guess “flarp” does sound like the name of a low rank.

flarp, legacy, expert, champion, grand master