Soldier Textures


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These soldier are sporting their formal normal maps and some fresh duds from our Neptis faction line. Still need some work on the metal and plastic materials, but he's looking good in-game.

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When browsing older posts yesterday I stumbled across this.

While I’m not affected, color vision deficiency affects 1 in 12 males ( and I think this current texturing could present issues for some to properly distinguish the characters.
Maybe someone here knows more about the various color blindness conditions and how to alleviate them design-wise. For what it’s worth I know Overwatch uses purple and green instead of red and blue on colorblind settings (but even that is said to be suboptimal).


What does this post have to do with distinguishing colors? (They all look like they’re supposed to be versions of the same color)


You got it. Some people may have difficulty seeing this brightness contrast that we do see.

That is all.


I am curious to see the alternative color for Chrome & Gold squads :blush:

And we can see that the grass has grown since the image posted on this thread :smile:


lol, this is going to be a real first world problem!


Is the distinction supposed to be relevant at all though?


The biggest problem will be in 2vs2, how to identify a gold player’s team ? :thinking:


@oneadamleft I was thinking maybe geometric figures on top of minion heads? Not like Sims, more like embedded into the texture.
(Only if you didn’t already come up with something more awesome which wouldn’t surprise me)


Geometric figures sounds like it would be hard to scan the map and quickly get a feel for the situation. I think it would need to be a different color. (I imagine it wouldn’t be that hard to add a red or blue tint to the gold/chrome, but I may be wrong about this)


Edited my post to clarify I didn’t mean to add unneccessary clutter, just a (toggle-able anyway) visual aid in case of doubt.



Is that official or did you make it?