Space Food Truck: Alpha Test Sign Ups


So we’ve finally hit that point where we need to start getting this in front of a wider audience. We want to start squashing show-stopping bugs, and more importantly get player feedback on the gameplay!

###What is Space Food Truck?
It’s a cooperative video game that can be played by 1-4 players. It’s a quirky mash-up of board game, card game, and dungeon crawling mechanics with a sci-fi culinary twist. You can find a much more detailed synopsis of the gameplay over at our landing page.

###Who should sign up?
Those that don’t mind very rough-around-the-edges, incomplete, games and wish to help improve SFT to bring it to Early Access and beyond! I want to stress that the game is not feature complete and quite buggy. If you’re the kind of person that may become frustrated due to a bug in the UI hindering your progress, you may wish to hold off to at least Early Access. Early Access, will be a wider beta where the game is feature-complete and we’ll be largely playtesting for gameplay balance and taking user feed-back into account as we adjust gameplay.

Part of the reason we’re doing this alpha test beyond gameplay feedback is to get a sense of priority on which bugs need to be fixed faster than others so we can arrive a more stable gameplay experience more quickly.

###How do I sign up?

  1. Reply to this thread with a funny/cool/oddball planet name and description. If you want examples, check this thread out. We’ll be selecting from this pool of entrants to not only give out steam alpha keys, but possibly include the planets in the game.
  2. Post your setup: platform (win/osx/linux), OS version.
  3. Once selected you will have a PM in your forum account with a steam key. You will also be granted access to a sub-category for SFT discussion/bug reports.

###Can I invite a friend to alpha?
Space Food Truck is fundamentally a multiplayer co-op game. I’ll be posting soon after the alpha is deployed a weekly schedule for play tests to help facilitate both us and forum members to play together with some regularity. That being said, some time zones just won’t work out. We’ll be handing out extra keys on a case-by-case basis for those that may request them.


  • PC/Mac/Linux machine
  • Steam account
  • Internet access (to do online play)
  • Forum account (to post feedback and partake in any discussions or post bugs)
  • Actual hardware requirements are in flux right now and frankly unknown. If you’re gaming semi regularly with steam games you should be fine.

###What’s the current state of the game?

  • Multiplayer co-op is fully functional

  • Single player is functional, so if you wish to simply play alone you can. Games are saved automatically.

  • Bugs. probably a lot of 'em. :sunny:

Meet the Planets


The surface of this planet is putty of some sort. The natives have evolved giant feet so that they don’t sink in. Somehow this putty is very nutritious for plants.

OS X 10.10.5


Null Pointer
Wait, there’s a planet here, right?

Windows 7
OSX 10.10
CentOS 6.5


You should have a planet named “null” with some fake Java error text and make people think it’s a bug.


Hey so I have a question-

My parents are really really strict about when I can and cannot play games on the computer. I can only play on certain days, certain times of day, etc. Since @onealexleft will be doing some scheduling, would you be able to accommodate that? Here are my restrictions.

I can play for one hour each Sat and Sun. Usually around 4-5

I can choose one day out of the school week and game for an hour after school. That would also be about 3:45-4, but I can always do homework first and game after. Dinner is always 6:30 sharp.

This is not an application since I don’t have a steam account. I just want to know if it is possible for me to join. I really want to, but if my schedule is any inconvenience I can try to beg my parents or sit out.




Windows 7

You expected it so much that it became unexpected.


Coldie Planet
Ironically, this planet is even hotter than the Sun!

Windows 7 x64 SP1


Uh, how long will games last?


I think I read somewhere that it could be 15-1hr or something? Can’t find it though.


right now they are lasting anywhere from 30min to 2 hours. It can be longer with 4 people if people are still learning, etc.


A long time ago there were two planets here.

:key: Windows 8.1 64-bit PC


Hmm. In that case I’ll have to retract my signup.


This planet has been around since the beginning of time. The antiquity of those who inhabited Chronosphere often change due to the nature of time on this planet. The origin of this planet is unknown and ever changing across the Galaxy. Current time on this planet - 0:00.

:key: Windows 7: 64-b OS


You did my key thing :key:


It looked cool. :smile:


:key: It was just a statement :smile:


Name: Kharion

Has a very strong magnetic field which traps energy particles resulting in high levels of radiation. You can find a lot of Fuel.

Os: Window 7: 64-Bits


The Cool Planet, Ironica - XJ59
A planet of complete irony that makes it not cool at all, which is ironic. And since it’s so ironic, that’s what makes it cool. That’s ironic.

Windows 10