Space Food Truck: Alpha Test Sign Ups


Love the planet! Alex, still haven’t gotten my key yet!!! Looking forward to it!! :smile:


We haven’t sent the first wave yet. Still ironing out some stuff to get alpha stable enough to do meaningful play online.


I will sign up!’ I just need to make a steam accoinr





Yeah, I need an accoinr too


Make one Flarp!
I want to play with @Flarp55 and @Chemoeum


But no one else.


You me Steve and Matt. There is our first 4 man group!


Sweet as.


My screen name is Legacie. My login name is LegacyofEight. Please friend


I can’t play for two hours a day


You realize it’s going to be impossible to find you unless you change your username to something easier to search up (and not have 7k results) or if you make a custom steam URL (profile-> edit profile)


we have save game functionality in single player, and intend to support it in Multi-player as well. So for groups that wish to play but can get interrupted, you can resume your game at a later time.


Ooh. Can I re-sign up then?

OS X 10.10.5, see above for planet description


Why didn’t you make LegacyofEight your screen name?


Should I?




I couldn’t find you, there’s just too many people in the search queue.

EDIT: Another easy way is to comment on the SFT greenlight, then we can find your profile there, as well as me and Doodat.



Ruled by a malicious dictator named pizza the hut. This planet consists mostly of cheese covered landscape, Thick tasty crimson seas, and 8 (almost) equal size continents. This planet is loved by everyone, but is a dangerous place to call home due to the fact that it may be eaten at any time. It has been known to rain parmasean cheese and crushed red pepper from time to time.

I’d like to give it a shot. Windows 7


Just to recap some of OML’s words, they can’t use planets that have a specific exterior description because of the planet generation.