I thought I saw legacy post something about streaming for the tournament, but I wanted to double check. Is it ok to live stream the game at this point in the development? If not, should I hold off until the full release? Thanks.


Also I go by 4iSteven on twitch. I have a match vs @Harti going. That golden few skin is intimidating :o


His opener is pretty brutal. We haven’t played competitively since the paper prototype, and I had an undo in that prototype that I am missing desperately.


Credits go to @Alvendor who steamrolled me with a slight variation of it (2 defenders instead of 1 defender 1 motivator). I wanted to see if the game’s creator (or anybody, for that matter) has something against that in his arsenal :slight_smile:


Is that ur opener against me?


I keep having motivator fails where I forget the -1. I have all the stats memorized, so he’s constantly tripping me up. You remember my two soldier swipes for 0 then killing the motivator last? That was frickin tragic.


Yup, I saw it live and just saw how you halted your turn to realize that Soldier isn’t gonna do anything, haha - keeps getting me too, something for my larger usability feedback round I’m going to send you throughout the week


Not cool Harti, not cool!!! That was my first game :stuck_out_tongue:


On topic, I guess streaming is fine. Just make sure you hammer home that this silent game is in ALPHA, super early work in progress. Lots of known issues, we’re just ready for some gameplay feedback.