Hey guys I was wondering if a subreddit for this game has been made. It would be nice to have one going during the Kickstarter campaign so that if people search for info about the game they will have a place to go. I feel like most people feel more comfortable on a subreddit than on a forum when they are learning more about a game.

Id be happy to make one. Would I make it on my personal reddit account or should I make a new account and send some of you guys the password so we can collaborate on the first couple posts. It would probably look cleaner if it all came from the same account.


Legacy has a good point. To add to it, I often time will not sign up for a forum account in most places because it’s a hassle. I don’t have a Facebook, so unless a place offers google sign in, I usually search out various things on Reddit. (Mostly games)


I can go ahead and start on it, I know like tiny amounts of CSS so if we wanted to make it look nice I could do that as well


I’ll be working a bit on this but if anyone else shows interest in growing it let me know. I’ll defer to @onealexleft and @oneadamleft if they want something specific.


Alright I worked on it a bit. Let me know what you guys want to see from the Subreddit


Looks nice! I probably should edit my post to fix the grammar. I was typing quickly on my phone. I’ll work on that tomorrow and see if I can add anything else.


I edited a bit, so just go off what’s already there


You guys are awesome! Thanks for the support! As for specific requests, I don’t have any personally. Other than keep it as friendly/welcoming as it is here :).

Speaking of Reddit, looks like we got a tiny bit of excitement today there as well:


We can try, but it is reddit haha. Inevitable jokes about the male anatomy incoming. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll add this as an announcement on the subreddit

Also is there any way I could get a better banner/logo, something in the future that’s 1920x200 and a logo that’s uhh 75x75 or anything around that. Just so it looks a bit better then the one with the black background. Actually for the logo just something that doesn’t have the black background so it blends well with whatever banner.

No rush haha just letting out what could be good


I plan on working on custom flairs next week when I get home from vacation. Should we do the captains the units or both?


The captains would be pretty awesome!


Flairs have been added thanks to @Doodat! Head on over if you want to show off your favorite captain