I was playing Overwatch with @onealexleft and he recommended me a game called Subterfuge. It is really similar to Neptune’s Pride but with home unique parts such as special units with abilities and no money. I think it’s also shorter since the object of the game isn’t to take the most territory but to mine 50 kg of a precious natural resource. Any of you interested in playing? After I finish the game im in I thought it would be cool to play one with you guys

Subterfuge is an app on iOS and Android


I’ll play it with you if you like. Let me download it really fast


How 2 play with you?


It requires you to pay $10 to make a private game so if we gonna be playing together we should find a time to all log on


I’m in one right now that should end in a week or so. After that I’ll make a public one and post the link here


Hey @onealexleft I just betrayed someone and he seems pretty upset. People do betray in this game just like in NP2 right?


The name of the game is called subterfuge lol…


hahaha yep!

doodat gets it…


@Doodat @spccsc @onealexleft @General_Fracus

I just finished my first game of subterfuge. Going in for a second one. I created a game called “Starkly’s Game”. Please join as soon as you can if you want to play so it won’t fill up!


Is it full?


Unfortunately it is


If I was to make a game would anyone want to play?


looks like a interesting game