Super titans going the way of the dodo


I took a long break and just recently came back. I noticed that there are only about 13 active super titans. Maybe it’s time for a new season or something so some of the golds could move up. Actually im not even sure if a new season would help, I’m not sure how it works. The skill level of super titans has steadily gone down over the years but it would be nice to have at least 20-30 active STs. Thoughts?

Also, how is hex gambit going? I don’t see much action for anything on the forums lately. Kind of a bummer.


Matchmaking and league algorithms are still kept secret, many of us would agree the reason is that they aren’t polished. And small player pool makes things even worse.
On 2v2 leagues OML lowered the bar to be Super Titan. A 2v2 match can easily take a month or two to be completed and therefore there weren’t enough games to reward Super Titan honors (to anyone but the ones who started at beta stage). Easier requirement worked when player pool peaked, but it is just horrible nowadays!
Maybe 1v1 has shrunk to same kind of obsolescence as 2v2 has been (years).


Yeah never mind about the super titan thing. There are a few golds who deserve it such as bawk, but if you go down just a few spots you get to people who don’t even get the wit spot on the first turn. Unless there’s a cutting edge new strategy that I’m not aware of, I guess I was wrong about having more super titans.

It’s really sad that there are such few people playing at the current top level but I guess that’s just the way it is. If anyone within the super titan or high master range wants to play a match, send me an invite. Cmss220


I’m part of 7 out of the 23 teams in 2v2 Super Titan. Three of which are not playing anymore.
Only two other teams are active. Getting matched with another super titan team is extremely rare.
Could be nice with some fresh faces.


I have 4 teams in st. 2 of them have partners that no longer play, one of the teams is with you.