The Captain's Tile


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Things are getting prettier as we approach Hex Gambit’s Early Access release. Here’s a mockup of our new captain tile in action, plus a little ice icon for Bjorgolf’s Cold Feet ability. The turn after it’s triggered, a blizzard reduces your opponent’s mobility and removes their ability to crowdsurf.

Alex is getting all the shiny new UI in place, and our sound guy Mike is casting for our captain’s voices. We’re all working our butts off right up to the deadline!

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This game looks awesome!!

…bracing myself to end up in Legacy Rank


Both Adam and I are pretty stoked about how things are turning out. Can’t wait to get early builds to you guys!


Wait is Legacy Rank actually a thing @onealexleft?


Pretty sure that was one of our inside jokes :stuck_out_tongue:


nope, it is not.


Speaking of early builds… do we have any sort of ETA? I know it was “October”, but curious if there’s a specific day you guys are shooting for.


Nothing solid yet other than mid/late October.




What do you suppose the minimum specs might be? Just curious if my potato can run it


I can’t seem to find the thread here but we had posted it at one point. But this points to a dev machine min spec for ue4:

But again, really depends on the game. We’re really upping the ante graphics-wise this go around, but from what I’ve been working with UE4 is pretty scalable, so we hope to have a decent range.


Well, looks like lag for me then. It’s a great thing this game is turn based :sweat_smile: