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Here is discussion on maybe some things that could be improved or just general questions about it.

  1. The unread section, eh. Does anyone know how to mark all as read?

  2. Does anyone know how to move threads to different forums?


On mobile, not yet. On desktop it’s simply a button.

Click the ‘pencil’ icon if you have the correct permissions. it’ll drop down a category selector and you can change the thread title


Thanks! A problem with the pencil, my wrench is directly above the pencil so it’s hard to tap xD


are you doing this from mobile then? Ya I’m still heavily working on mobile CSS and trying to clean it up :smile:


Cool cool! Yep, it’s pretty clean.

I know jesusfuentesh had a question about these forums regarding the GGCL. I’ll let him post here.

I’m pretty impressed with the real time stuff. I still need to get used to the navigation, but it’s not too bad. Just have to get used to the drop down menu instead of the map-type thing we had before.


glad to hear people slowly coming around as they start to use it and realizing some of the niceties over myBB.


On mobile, it’s slightly annoying that the width is slightly larger than my screen size. So while scrolling down, it might shift to the right as well.
iPhone5 iOS 7

I think it might be because the black banner at the top is a little too long.


noted. I’ll be trying to fix this early next week.


Alex, I know the replay links for outwitters were improved when pasting them here in the forums.

Though, I would advice to add “/mobile” at the end of the link so we can tap and watch the replay directly from our mobile and not to be directed to OSN website as if we were from a pc.

Well, that’s just my opinion


Ah oversight on my part. I’ll try to get that fixed next week


Hmm, I prefer to get the replay as if I’m on a pc (even on my mobile devices) because then I can see each side’s wit count during the replays.


Yes I understand your point. Though, I just consider that Discourse is suitable for mobile and tablets. So it could be good to open things directly on the mobile. Either way we could remove the /mobile or add it