The Elite Championship - Season 4 (Sign-ups open!)

[size=40]**The Elite Championship - Season 4**[/size]

[size=30]NOTICE: All participants must enter tournament mode as outlined in[/size]

Now that stuff has settled down with the Weekly Elite and the HTA has recently concluded, it’s time for the fourth season of the Elite Championship to begin!

You are eligible if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You have been in the top 20 in a Weekly Elite list anytime starting 7/3.
  • You have been in the top 5 on any Weekly Elite/Top 200 list. (start of season lists don’t count)
  • You have participated in a previous EC
  • You have won a previous STBE

The format will be a round robin as usual, with maps assigned to each round and possible race restrictions depending on the number of players.

To sign up, post your Game Center ID and the date of the Weekly Elite List on which you are top 15/top 5. Signups end on August 31.


  1. AlliDooisRush
  2. sdmario
  3. DeJosselin
  4. Bad Herr Day
  5. Torbreck
  6. 50 is cuten 20 here
  7. -PasswordIsTaco-
  8. GreatGonzales
  9. Sharugames
  10. Mari BK
  11. Gamtruly
  12. King Cupcakes
  13. Szoumadin
  14. game_taker
  15. Pharmafan
  16. poweewee
  17. Uyduruk00
  18. big boss
  19. =) Random Task (=


I’m here! AlliDooisRush winner of STBE #1


sdmario nr 7 on march 20th


@sdmario You have to be in Top 20 in a more recent list. But luckily, you were #11 on 7/3, so you’re in.


I’m in.
#7 last week, #3 highest position


Welcome, DeJosselin! Nice to see some new players making their places in the elite.


i have two questions for you

  1. how do i check whether i am on top 200 list or not coz i think i should be. and i need to have the uber pack to participate coz i dont have it and also the islands are not unlocked.


The 7/31 Weekly Elite list is at The Weekly Elite - 7/31/2015. Unfortunately, you are not eligible because you are currently at #25. I hope to see you in the 5th season though!

As for Uber Pack and Gen II maps, preferably contestants should have it but we can probably work it out if you don’t.


What if he gets in the top 20 by next week’s list?


Why not let them in if they qualify before signups close? I don’t really get why it has to be from 7/3 to 7/31

Aslo, I’m most likely going to sign up, but can’t commit just yet


I could definitely be an elite… Next year :frowning:


Yep - I’m in


Okay, I’ve edited the OP so that qualifications can be from any time after 7/3.


So organizers lost faith that Alex will fix the replay bug first.


Yes. Sadly, it seems like the bugs are there to stay since OML has moved their attention on to SFT. Hopefully it does not impact the games much.


Count me in.


Unfortunately, there seems to be very little interest this season. If there aren’t enough signups, this may have to be cancelled. :frowning:


Another announcement: The tournament has now changed format to the old format, with just one round-robin round. This is because 1) I have received feedback that the old format was better, and 2) there’s not enough signups anyway to have this format.


I would like to join and my GC id is 50 is cuten 20 here. My best rank is #2 according to OSN


Sign me up