The Elite Championship - Season 4 (Sign-ups open!)


If @oneadamleft uses my planet in SFT, then I’ll join. :slight_smile:


Hey guys - happy to come back and hang out with y’all for this. :slight_smile: Count me in.




if there are not many signups can you please extend the eligibility criteria to be till 25 in the weekly elite if you can just asking.
i really wanted to be a part of a tournament and this seems to be the most prestigious and the best of all i think so just requesting if you can.


Unfortunately, there are already people telling me that even top 20 is allowing too many people in, so I will not be relaxing the requirements any more. If you can make it in top 20 any time before the 31st, then you can join. Otherwise, I’m sorry but you’ll have to wait until next season.


Challenge accepted. We have 2 weeks @crusherking!


Good luck, both of you. Ringer, you have to start more games if you want to climb that quickly.


I know, I don’t think I will make it tbh. Hopefully by the time the next one comes around, I will qualify!


Just start a bunch of games and win them all. You can do it!


I just lost to @crusherking because I failed to watch the replay! I won’t make it unless I stop doing that! But hopefully I can help you obtain the prerequisite Crusher! xD


yeah we have to win a lot of games so gear up and good luck lets see if any one of us makes it in time


so you are the relic didn’t know that yeah you messed up and it is definitely going to help
now you have to even even more games before 31st so buckle up


Yessir, my main 1v1 account is Rellik. I totally messed up that game. I thought my base still had 5 hp. xD

We’ve played a few games together now!


@crusherking Good job, #22! 2 more places to go


yeah so close would definitely make it next week


GJ dude! I’m on hiatus at the moment, but perhaps next time! I’m sure i’ll see you in some more ranked games sir!


What kind of race restrictions? I might join if you really need more people but not sure yet.


Probably something like you can use each race at most X times


As said in our game i’ll happy join for the 4th time :smile:


If I can start games after the 15th of september I would like to join. STBE winner. Mari BK