The Elite Championship - Season 4 (Sign-ups open!)


I want to sign up (Gamtruly)
Within 5 , sometimes in last June


Yeah!! finally i made it .Sign me up placed 18th in this week’s list.
GCID : crusherking


Hi, can I sign up King Cupcakes currently 16, as high as 8th.


Ain’t i eligible fir the tournament.
Have you changed the eligibility criteria?


szoumadin (zukosu)

rank 20 8/14


Is your current GC ID Szoumadin or Zukosu?



rank 9 8/21


Hands off my crown, guys! :wink:


The king is back!!!


I’ll take that as a signup :slight_smile:


I’ll sign up if you guys need another. I’ve been in the top 20 before but haven’t been playing 1v1 much recently.


so exciting!


Sure! Was meant to be one :smile:

Thanks for setting this tourney up and thanks for organising, @Flarp55!




AHH You are szoumadin! We are playing a game right now on L9! Like, as I type this. haha. Fun game. :wink:


[size=30]Every participant of this tourney will need to go into Tournament mode as outlined in Tournament Mode[/size]


Sorry - what was that laddie ??? You will have to speak up :smirk:


it is already showing tourney mode setting on and processes on 8/24/15 so i guess i don,t need to fill the google doc or i still have to ?


If your name is there then you’re already in tournament mode.


ok thanks