The Elite Championship - Season 4 (Sign-ups open!)


What have I to lose :stuck_out_tongue: Sign me up :slight_smile:


Cool that you’re joining!! :smiley:


Thanks. It’s been a while since I played, I’ve missed the game already.


Welcome back


I’ll play as well :blush:


Oops, tried to sign up, I need to qualify first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So, what’s the plan then? This is a lot of players for a round robin! May I suggest double elimination?


How about two group round robin? First four in each group can play QFs or first two can play SFs or the winners can play the grand final.


I like this idea.


I like this one because it makes it more likely that the final will be played between the 2 best players


@sdmario, @DeJosselin, @Bad_Herr_Day: You have not signed up for tourney mode. Please sign up ASAP at Tournament Mode


Wow lot of familiar names popping up!


sorry to be a spoil sport but i would like to remove myself from this tourney i just won’t be able to commit to it.sorry again and all the best to the participants.


I have strong preference to do round robin only which is same as GGCL, every elite player will meet all other elite players at least one or couple games. Then all players can show their real performance while facing different type of players, in order to have the ture rank of elite players.


agreed with single round robin the whole point of the elite championship compared to worldcup or other tournaments is that every participant will play against our legends :smile:

I’ve not won any of the elite championships but even winning against some of the best has always been cool

We could go through last championships record and eliminate some maps or ban some races from some maps that had either draw games or games with more than 100 turns etc to speed things up


Are there still some rooms to participate in my little baby? :blush:

Round robin for the win!


Just worried that this will take a long time! We’ve never done a round robin of this size.


@sdmario, you have not yet signed up for tournament mode. Please do so ASAP so that we can start.

I’m planning on continuing with round robin. It is the Elite Championship, and double elimination tends to add a bit of chance. It may take some time to finish, but that’s fine.


@Flarp55, crusher is still listed as a participant. Don’t want round robin setup to be messed up due to this.


I hope I have been fast enough to do this, but I’m taking back my participation. Not only am I afraid I will not be able to keep up with the amount of games, or I will, but slowly, which is not what a round robin tourney needs, and this tournament requires some state of the art skills, that I really am not able to “provide”. I’ll just take a spot to take a lot of time and not give to anyone the challenge this contest is supposed to. I’ll play some games here and there, but competitive is not for me anymore. I also happened in the past to sign up to one big tournament, which eventually led me to an argument with Torbreck and some other fellows because I ended up leaving in the middle of it, the kind of stuff that messes up everything. I don’t want that to happen again!

Thank you flarp for keeping this alive, you’re awesome!