The Elite Championship - Season 4 (Sign-ups open!)


Keep in mind that this will be a slow-paced tourney as usual, so you don’t need to complete your games very fast.


Just an open question for those in this tourney… I’m keen to start the next World Cup, but obvioulsy with this tourney going it wouldn’t be wise to do so right now. What is everyone’s thoughts on the best timing of this ?
Perhaps wait until the Elite tournament is nearing the end then call for signups perhaps with the view to kicking off around November??


I think 3 month staggered start times for the recurring tournaments would be good. That way we can plan for 4 ‘Majors’ a year.


To me, I will join WC, I can commit both tournament. I may continue the Blitz King or join the HTA 3 after these two.


Yeah, I’m going to delay HTA3 till the new year now to allow for EC and WC to at least get a good head start/possibly wrap up.


lets get going :slight_smile:


This will start as soon as 2.0.11 is out, so that the medic fow bug is gone


I really like this idea of the “4 majors”. You have the EC, the WC, the NOL. But what’s #4? I would go with the HTA, as it’s the only other tournament with multiple installments and actually reaches a conclusion, although there’s a couple things working against it I think.

  1. You only have 11 entrants.
  2. It’s a bit of a bizarre setup that puts certain players at a disadvantage. For example: good luck to whoever ends up on Reaper, as they have no chance in 50% of their matches. Now, I’m not saying the tournament needs to change, as I enjoy it and the strategy involved. I just think it takes away from it being a major potentially.

I just realized this is the Elite Championship thread, so I’ll take this discussion out of here


So @sdmario finally signed up for Tournament mode, so we’re ready to start as soon as 2.0.11 comes out (medic bug fix is needed)


HYPE! Let’s get ready!


Bump @Flarp55


Oops I forgot about this. I have to figure out the race restrictions, but we’ll be ready to start in about a day.


Should check with all the players too.


Gcid : big boss
Rank 3 30/11/15


if signups are still open I would like to join
=) Random Task (=
rank 18 in this fridays list


I’ll be sending a game to each of the players pretty soon, and I’ll wait for replies


Withdraw. Been too long since sign ups and I’m not in a very witty place now.


I will not be able to participate either.


I’m really busy now, so I’ll have to delay this another few weeks. Sorry to all the participants.


also a final withdraw from me…sorry but I really stopped playing now finally a lot of months ago and there won’t be a comeback anymore. Good luck to all participants if this will take place once!