The Entertainer's Tourney (started)


Where winning is only quarter of the battle.

This tournament will be about winning, while providing an entertaining show for our judges ( @Chemoeum, @LegacyofEight, and I) This is a double elimination tourney in which wins are determined mostly by your creativity, thinking of funny and entertaining things to do in the game that will enlighten our judges.

Marking Scheme (for a player):

Base Health at end of match /5
Funny plays /5
Plays that stand out /5
Finesse /5
Creativity /5
Overall entertainment value /5

The player that gets the most points will advance to the next match. In the event of a tie, the judges will vote on who will advance to the next round. Limited to 8 signups, but can be raised to 16 if there are enough people.

The winner of the game (the one who destroys their opponent’s base) should post the game.

Please post your gamecenter username to sign up. Here is the bracket:


  • AlliDooisrush
  • Flarp55
  • cmss220
  • spacechef
  • -PasswordisTaco-
  • ShAdOw.* 198
  • TheRinger
  • .Memories.
Handrawn by Chemoeum The Great


I’m signing up! AlliDooisRush


Medic spam! XD

Sign me up. Flarp55


I have time for this! Sign me up please!

GCID = cmss220


I shall enter. spacechef.


I’m in!


I’ll join!


Might as well toss me in the queue!



I’ll win. I mean… I’ll sign up.


Sweeeeeet @Memories !!!

I’ve been saving my super secret top secret double bramble rush for you :wink:


Haha I’ll have to think of some super interesting plays.

Oh, my GC ID is .Memories.


Here is the bracket:

Players seeded on top of the opponent should start the game as soon as possible, on any map of their choice. (by Saturday please)

When done with the game, post it here so that the judges can start evaluating.

GLHF! :smile:


Started mine against cms. Sweetie Planes.


When I first read this post I thought you were calling me sweetie pie :joy:.


Weeelllllppp. Sorry guys for my lack of entertainment! Taco too good. Lol. Gg mate, I hope you can post match when it comes up on osn.




I was trying to prove that scallywags aren’t always boring. :stuck_out_tongue:



Some things to point out (if I’m allowed to):

  • Was going for boosted runners, mostly (cms was thinking runners also).
  • Runner spawn squat turn 7.
  • Runners killing Mobi turn 11.
  • Runners killing 2nd Mobi turn 13.
  • cms’ medic wall beginning turn 20.
  • All 5 damage to the base was dealt by runners.

I loved the medic wall though, props :slight_smile:


Medic wall is hard counter to runners duh :stuck_out_tongue: I just needed a few more!! :wink: fun game man gg :smiley:


Best tourney ever


I’ve reviewed the two games already, I’ll post the results after @Chemoeum and @LegacyofEight make theirs.