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Hex Gambit Characters

And just like that, we have our 5 starter minions modeled and textured for Early Access, plus six captains to choose from. We’ve been putting a lot of thought into Hex Gambit’s Kickstarter this past week, and here’s what we know so far:

We’re planning to launch the campaign in July and you’ll have two options for backing HG early: the Standard Edition and the Deluxe Edition. Both of these offer a great value vs. the launch day price of the game, especially if you’re quick enough to grab the Early Bird prices.

  • The Steam Standard Edition gets you into Early Access later this year, updating to be exactly like the launch day version of the game with a nice discount.
  • Upgrading to the Deluxe Edition adds a copy of the soundtrack, an exclusive, legendary skin for your crystal pillars (which can't be purchased outside of Kickstarter and will make your opponents very jealous), plus free DLC for life! There will be no Outwitters-style Über Pack in Hex Gambit, so this is your ONE shot at securing that privilege. We've got 10 DLC minion concepts we'd love to add to our launch lineup, one every few months, and you'll have gotten your money's worth as soon as the first one drops!
  • A Deluxe Edition Friend Pack will also be available, letting you grab two Deluxe keys at a discounted price.
The higher tiers will tack on some other exclusive goodies that we'll be ready to show off a little later. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get an email reminder when the Hex Gambit Kickstarter goes live!


I’m not sure if you said something about it but is an Android release will happen as well?


Our only announced platform at the moment is Steam, and we don’t have plans for any mobile ports of Hex Gambit.


Both Windows and Mac I assume?

Count me in for that Early Bird Delux :grin:


Sorry guys, no Mac version either. We do have some exciting platform news coming soon, though.

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Oh yikes. Hopefully that platform news is consoles then :wink:


Ouch. That just ruined my day. i don’t want to be negative about something I’m looking forward to so much, but damn, no mobile?

April fools was a while ago. :confused:

So prettymuch only pc at the moment? I don’t even have a tablet, no need for one since I have my phone. Could it be played on tablets? Not sure how that works with steam. If I have to sit at a computer or buy a 600$ tablet, I’m out :frowning:

May I ask why you guys build a big mobile following then completely abandon it? Is the game just too complex?

I am now thinking I’ll have to wait another 1-3 years and hope for an outwitters 2. I really thought this was going to be it. I’m a very busy person most of the time, I enjoy outwitters so much because I can take a 10 minute break and play it on the go. I do play card or board games with friends from time to time but it’s very rare.


There are a lot of cheap windows tablet. like the linx, which I have:)


Having a hard time finding a source for that particular tablet in the us.


I guess it’s not the end of the world I can sit down and play moves on pc when the kids go to bed, but now what am I supposed to do at family BBQ s and other places I don’t want to be? Haha. Well the great news is maybe outwitters won’t die off.

If there is a time limit on moves less than 7 days there will be no way I can play this. I only have access to my computer 1 night a week because my wife uses it.


Here is short list of good cheap windows tablets sold in the USA.
I do agree with you that without mobile platforms hexgambit can’t replace outwitters.


Damn, I was really looking forward to playing this game on mobile. Taking turns will be a hassle for me without a mobile port.


The mobile decision wasn’t made lightly. It hasn’t been our best performing platform, and it takes a LOT of manpower to take something from big screen to small. We had to cut it for time.

One upside is that a match of Hex Gambit can be played in 15-20 minutes, and you can see when your opponent is around and watch them take their turns. So you won’t have to carve out a ton of time to play, and you may have some opponents that want to stick it out for an entire match. Your tournaments will go MUCH more smoothly.

I hope you guys will look over the Kickstarter footage and give this game a chance. We understand that no mobile is a hard pill to swallow, and we do appreciate all of your support and feedback.


Also: another platform announcement is coming in the next week or so.


Not sure if you wanted more feedback from me or not but you’re getting it anyway haha.

Here is how I see it at the moment.

First off, you say play a game in 15-20 minutes, but is that it a casual level? I could play an outwitters match pass and play in 15 minutes if I didn’t care if I won or not. As it is now, I could easily spend 15-20 hours thinking about my turns on an evenly matched outwitters match, I usually don’t spend anywhere near that amount of time, but I bet each of my matches take roughly 3-4 hours of my thought on moves at a competitive level. Now all of this aside…

I have 2 options if I want to play hex gambit. I can buy a tablet with a data plan, or I can buy one with wifi. I can’t really justify paying a monthly fee for data on a tablet at the moment since I have my phone.

That leaves me with the option for wifi. I’ll mostly only ever have wifi at my house. When I am at my house and have spare time, I typically don’t play on my phone. Not only would hexgambit be competing with games like breath of the wild, ffxv, and divinity, it is also competing for time with watching movies or tv shows, hobbies, sleeping, hanging out with friends…ect.

Would I pay 300$ for a tablet just to play hexgambit? I absolutely would if I thought I would get the value out of it that I got out of outwitters. The problem is I have such little free time, and so much stuff competing for my time when I’m at home.

That was part of the brilliance of outwitters, pick it up and think about a match for a little while no matter where you are.

I know I could use my phones hotspot to hook up a tablet, but I’m not going to be sitting at a doctors office and bust out my phone and tablet and hook up the wifi just to be able to think about moves for a while.

I’m not sure if my perspective is unique or not, but I thought it might help. I understand why you guys made the call you did. I’ll still support the kickstarter and get a copy of the game even if I only play it for a few hours like I did with sft. I’m just super bummed.

Looking forward to the news on the other platform!


Just curious, do you know what the turn timeout will be?


If I’m backing the Kickstarter project you’d better be making a macOS version. Not having a mobile version is a HUGE disappointment for me. I don’t care about Linux or console.

Are you at least considering mobile later on? I’m pretty sure you can make more money off the App Store than on Steam. GreenLight should give you a fair idea.
Also, aren’t you guys using Unity? Porting it to mobile shouldn’t be a huge task, I can totally understand if you’re gonna do it later. Better than never.

Im really disappointed and sad :weary:


Haven’t decided anything on turn timeouts, that’s something we’ll be experimenting with during Early Access.


Ah man steam is huge. Seems like oml would know their best bet at making a profit. Just really sucks for us forum users because I think most of us run iOS.

I don’t see an online turn based game like this being successful without mobile, but I know nothing, just guessing based on how my friends and I play outwitters.

The day they announced sft I guessed that it would fail miserably but I think it did alright? On the flip side I would have thought outwitters would be a success but it wasn’t.

Edit: will this be somewhat like outwitters where you can have multiple games going at once? That would help quite a bit because someone could go on make their moves then carry on with their night.


Yea it’ll be asynchronous