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Do you guys plan on having stretch goals for kickstarter?


We need a q&a post about hex.

My first question, what were you guys smoking when you decided to ditch the mobile platform, and may I have some? :wink: sorry guys I couldn’t resist.


We do, we’re still ironing out the details of them though.


Cool. I’m looking forward to more news and the Kickstarter project :slight_smile:


I am done with console and PC gaming. And if match can be played on one sitting on open board (screen) - huge tablet would be much better than sharing keyboard and mouse.
And I do own iPad mini and huge pro, too.


Both iOS tablets? They aren’t releasing it for iOS


The surface coffee table would be perfect!


Wait Hans how did you get on to the subject of tablet? Didn’t they say Steam and isn’t Steam only for computer? :confused:


There are windows tablets. Steam is on windows=)


Better wipe them off then before you can’t see.


hah hah groan


Then it’s like, after the Steam release…

BAM! Surprise release on the Switch! Nobody expects it, everyone wants it, it’s the perfect marketing strategy

Our Console Debut

Let me fix this.

BAM! Surprise release on the IOS mobile! Nobody expects it, everyone wants it, it’s the perfect marketing strategy



I don’t even have a Switch, but I’d buy one for the game (and maybe if it gets a VC)


quote=“oneadamleft, post:13, topic:13749, full:true” We understand that no mobile is a hard pill to swallow, and we do appreciate all of your support and feedback.

It’s not just a hard pill to swallow - it’s more than that. The amount of casual gamers you’ll be missing out on is so stupidly insane. I haven’t been an avid Steam user until I picked up Awesomenauts in 2015, and I have a loooong loooong history of active gaming that starts way before that as well as a very technical background. And even now I don’t get on Steam a lot. In fact, I recently bought two games in my endless procrastination boredom but never got around to play them more than once because for some dumb reason Steam games give me the feeling that I have to commit a lot of time to make up for booting my computer and launching (and updating…) Steam. Time which I simply don’t (or should not) have, and this entry barrier is enough for me to realize I should be focusing on work. My iPhone, however, I can simply fire up an app and bam, I’m in that game again. Becomes a habit.
What’s more, out of my 150 Facebook friends I know maybe 10 who might have Steam. But I swear to god every single one has a smartphone and at least knows Candy Crush.

My ex gf who would probably never touch PC gaming played Clash Royale, for instance. It mainly targets strategists but happens to scratch casual gamers’ itches too. And why, besides clever marketing? It is SO much easier found and played as opposed to having to convince someone to boot their computer (assuming it runs Windows), install Steam, create and confirm a Steam account, hook their computer to their Steam account and finally purchase Hex Gambit. My ex gf started playing because she saw me play and got interested.

I think you looked at Space Food Truck’s sales figures and went “eh, not worth it”. Fair enough.
But not only is this a whole other type of game, no, also the novelty effect wore off after having been on Steam (and not blown up) for a while. Besides, most people who owned the Steam version had no incentive to get the iOS version (except for maybe playing on the go, which the game wasn’t designed for originally).

Your news is very close to being a deal breaker for me since I’d have loved to play with my girlfriend who happens to only have a Mac and iOS devices. One customer less (her), one customer less inclined (me). If the upcoming news is 3DS support then she and I can play again, but then again I haven’t touched mine in a year…

I don’t know a lot about the Unreal Engine but I have seen games for mobile devices with Unreal splash screens. I have no way to tell how hard it is to wire up notification support and such, I also don’t know how much they charge their mobile licenses extra, but it shouldn’t be so cumbersome to enforce even the thought of ignoring the juiciest gaming market?

You should consider an iPad version to be one of your stretch goals. iPhone would be even greater but then the whole thing becomes a usability/UX chore which I understand very well nobody can possibly afford the time for.


Just found out that android can’t run steam games? So aside from pc, which device can run the game? Anything Windows? I just looked up the best tablets and none of them had windows os. I don’t know anything about tablets. Any of the ones than Hans posted would work?


It’s possible that you can run Windows Steam on Mac desktops, but it’s not like most users are going to go to the effort. Also not guaranteed every game will run smoothly or at all.


Windows tablets are a joke. The whole OS is a joke :slight_smile:
Steam is only for Windows, macOS and Linux and the game seems to be not coming out for macOS either. I’m pretty surprised as macOS and Linux players tend to be interested a lot in indie games. And yes they will be missing out a lot by ditching iOS and Android.
From a technical point of view, I don’t see what’s stopping them especially that they are using Unity/Unreal. They just need to hire someone who’s good at dealing with different screen sizes and assets as this seems to be the main problem they mentioned.


Will it be possible to play with touch in the steam version?


Steam has those famous sales and hardcore players have Windows machines. Linux and Mac sales numbers are tiny compared to Windows. Space Food Truck’s sales likely came from Windows players, since they have been charged twice the money mobile players are. And SFT is co-op card game that is hardcore, in my opinion. Without expensive marketing SFT can’t find audience anywhere else than on Steam.
Tilt to live had great controls on iPhone. And perfect timing at the marketplace. On Android you can’t guarantee the feel. Follow ups entered to the mobile market that had evolved away from tilt controls and prepaid businesses model.
Outwitters is the only One Man Left game I still play daily. But player pool is tiny, especially since I fancy 2v2. And for casual gaming the phone is the only platform that matters to me. And to millions, too. Yet Outwitters is too hardcore for the masses.
Hex Gambit looks hardcore, if it is any good. We do not know game mechanics yet. But nothing so far revealed has implemented that it is nothing more than a board game animated as a 3D computer game. Kickstart board games do get funded, if they are any good. And Steam gamers are willing to pay a lot more than mobile players. And Steam players can be asked to join early access. And Steam players are willing to try new, eagerly.

I do understand Hex Gambit is Windows only. That’s the platform where players are willing to pay for indie titles. But the game itself looks to me that it can scale to any size (modern) screen. And without iOS version I am out. And I have bought all your games so far. I would have loved to try out Hex Gambit, too. If it is any good.