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Probably depends on the Unreal Engine. If OML isn’t going for iOS support I doubt they’ll optimize for Windows tablets, so it’s all up to the tablets’ native touch handling. Usually you get proper touch controls as your taps and drags get registered as mouse events. Only thing that’s different is that you’ll probably see the cursor stick around where you tapped.

Drag and drop can be a bit fuzzy unless optimized for touch; and multi-touch is ruled out unless explicitly implemented. That said, I think the game will be fully compatible with Windows tablets’ touch controls. Don’t hold me to it though and don’t go about purchasing a tablet on my responsibility :stuck_out_tongue: I think someone will double check that during Early Access.


Just to clarify, windows only is referring to tablets, right? (i.e., will I be able to play this on a Mac?)


They said no Mac OS at all. Only windows os is my understanding.



But perhaps emulators will help with that problem?


Can you really run an emulator on a game that is so new?

I hate to promote an illegal way of gaming where the devs don’t get a cut for the hard work they put in. Having said that, im not above throwing down some money on the kickstarter then illegally downloading it so I can actually play it on the device I want if it’s possible. Though, I would ask permission and make sure I paid enough to cover a copy of the game or more.


You can emulate windows, or dual boot windows on an Apple PC. Emulators emulate platforms not games:)


Technically you could also use Virtual Machine software that (in a nutshell) lets you run a whole OS within a window, kind of like the Mac’s Bootcamp. If the game will run largely depends on the drivers and graphic card. It’s a chore to set up, you don’t know if it’s gonna work… but it’s still better than not being able to play it at all.


Yeah I know about virtual machine. I wasn’t aware that you could emulate a whole operating system, any other way. From my experience emulators were programs that lets you run games. Like jnes for nes games. (Usually illegally)

Well I don’t care as long as I can get this game on my phone somehow. Doesn’t seem possible at the moment though.