The list qualifier has begun


Hey guys! I’m kicking off the tourney. Let me know if the inviting system is confusing. Basically you will play everyone in your group one time.

If you guys would rather each start a match and play 2 matches vs everyone that’s fine, but I thought that 6 matches would start to become a lot. Up to the players, I’m happy for it to run either way.

1 invites 2 and 3
2 invites 3 and 4
3 only invites 4
4 only invites 1

  • If there is a tie with points, whoever won more p2 matches wins.

  • We would like to see a quick tournament so please take your moves as soon as you have time.

  • Please have tournament mode turned on, here is the link:
    Tournament Mode

Here is the link to the bracet:


How could I resist an offer like that? Sign me up!

Gcid; phants


Whelp, since you hyped me up in the other thread, I guess I have to see what I can do here.

GC ID: DL-Memories


GCID: InsomniacDoodat

Sounds like fun!


Looking at you, @FranzVonFritz @The_Quantum_Mechanic @OnionKnight @Supercords @erikpdumont @NightOwl

Some of you qualify for the list right now. @sdmario @antiturnip @czebosz @GreatGonzales


Haven’t been on here in over a year… sign me up!



I’ll probably get wiped out, but since you called me out, I’ll participate.


You’ll do great!


I usually suck it up pretty badly in tournaments, lol. But what’s it hurt, right?
Sign me up!


Nice line up so far - what format are you thinking @spccsc ?

Ps… Congrats on the return to ST status @OnionKnight


I was thinking knock out tourney just because there are so many Swiss tourneys lately. Swiss would be nice too though. You guys have any preference?


After speaking with Hans, i learned he wanted the tourney to be quick (1-2 months). He also said we could hold a couple of these tourneys per year. I’m not sure if any of us will still be around once hexgambit releases but, we can hope outwitters lasts for years to come :).

Hans is far more experienced with tournament formats than I am and he recommended a round robin. How does everyone feel about that?

I’ll write up a list of rules closer to the time when the tournament will begin. In the mean time good luck in your matches everyone.

We have 7 players that are currently signed up, (quantum mechanic told me via text that he would participate. I’m hoping to get 5 more players to make it a nice even number but we will have to see when the time comes. I’m almost positive that I can find 5 more people with all of the players I have come to know over the years. I’ll try to write up another list to call more people out as soon as I can but in the mean time, does anyone know bawks forum name?

@ylva_godistak @The_Dominant_Killer @Kace98 @Chainsaw76 @1NSAN3

And please anyone at all (even if I’m not calling out your name) feel free to sign up no matter what your rank.


@Vitessa you are qualified to join the list. If you would like to participate let Hans know


Round robin sounds fine :slight_smile:


If it’s round robin youre going to need to start all games right away which is fine


Thanks for calling out
But sorry mate I won’t be playing i’m not at top of my game won’t be able to compete with the good line-up .

P.S. I going to a village that doesn’t have internet connection in the coming week so I’ll have to ask my buddy aman to play with my account.

Would like to crack the top 10 when I comeback then be a part of the list tourney .


Yes, count me in!


What is your in game name? Same as forum name?


Sign me up! :slight_smile:


We currently have 9 people. I’d like to get 12, does anyone know of anyone else that we could call out? I’m going to ask my buddy franz if he will join and he might join up, so looking for 2 more.