The list qualifier has begun


Ok looks like we will be going with 9 haha. Franz said he would join if I needed him to, but doesn’t look like we will get 2 more. I’ll write up the format and matches tonight and we can start after that!

@HansJoachimAa I looked at round robin formats and that quite honestly seems like a pain. Everyone would have to play 8+ matches? If we want a quick tourney, everyone would have to have 4 matches at once? I’d rather have a traditional tournament unless I’m missing something? Please contact me as soon as you can Hans. You are more familiar with tourney formats than I am. @Doodat think you can text me to talk about formats as well?

Thanks guys.


You have 4 days to make a move in those 4-8 games. Should be Okey. If you want less games at once the tournament will be way longer.


I’d be fine with multiple games at once. Would prefer it’s not drawn out over a very long time period.


Ok cool, I’ll split it in to 2 groups of 4. We have 9 but @annemariew28 hasn’t written back with their in game name yet so trying to wait as long as possible to give them a chance to respond. I’ll give it a few more hours then go if I don’t hear from them.

My only issue is trying to give everyone a fair amount of games as player 1. With 3 people each person can invite someone and will be invited by someone. With 4 people, 2 of the people would need to invite twice and the other 2 just once.

Anyone have any advice on that? I hate to have a tournament based off of skill have any luck based components.


There are a couple ways of dealing with that. Set maps is one, or you can use wins as player two as a secondary score to decide in tiebreakes. That way wining as player 2 is more worth
Two games against the same opponent is another way





You’re vitessa?! You don’t have to play in this tournament. You have been in the top 10 enough to qualify for the list itself I think. @HansJoachimAa
Vitessa has been in the top 5 before I know for sure. What do you say?


He can sign up for Mr_13en’s list. But you could have him in the tournament, and if he wins the qualifying spot goes to another player.


Starting the tournament. @Doodat @OnionKnight @Phants @annemariew28 @erikpdumont @Supercords @ylva_godistak @Memories

Good luck!


Any race or map restrictions?


Ok, I’m a little confused - is there a link with the rules / maps / matchups? How does this work?


Never mind last question, I scrolled back and found it. :smile:
Last remaining question is same as Phants above, are maps and races unrestricted, meaning everyone is going to send an invite using their strongest race and map?


I thought about doing race restrictions, but then we would really need map restrictions as well. I felt like the format of the tourney was already complicated enough.

I really enjoy race restrictions, but it just seemed too complex at that point. If you guys would rather restructure the tournament to where you each play each other twice then it could be simple enough to maybe get some map and race restrictions.

I’m not very good at telling people what to do. I’m a pushover and hypersensitive to peoples feelings haha. You guys tell me what you want, and I’ll structure the tourney to make it happen :slight_smile:

Only bad thing about changing things is if any matches already started, so I would want anyone who already started a match to agree with the changes.


Well, if you’re a push over…

Let’s do Scallywags only on Peekaboo. All in favor say “aye”.


Come on now Joe, I didn’t take you for the sadistic type haha :joy:

It would be the longest tournament ever created unless someone came up with scally only on sweetie plains where no one could attack until turn 40.


In best Darth Vader voice: ‘Nnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!’ :sob:


Omg… we could turn this thread into "what was your longest game on Peekaboo?"
186 turns before one of us gave up from boredom. scally v scally.

I’m good with no restrictions, pick what you want.


248 turns scally v scally peekaboo
opponent gave up, heh

I’m fine with no restrictions.


He gave up or died from old age? Hahaha

Maybe it’s just my internet but I have a hard time loading super long games.