The list qualifier has begun


@Doodat - game received

@Memories and @annemariew28 I’ll start our games tomorrow if that’s ok with you. I’m too busy today and still pondering map / race.

I’m away at a friend’s wedding this weekend so won’t have much chance to play till next week, but will try to keep the pace up after that.



Phants, I think you only have to start one game


Yeah phants should only start a match vs Vitessa!


My bad - I was just looking at who was first in the matches and didn’t read the instructions about 1,2,3 and 4 challenging 1 or 2 people.

Thanks for keeping me right!


Nah, it’s my bad. I’ve had some pretty bad medical problems lately and it’s affecting my mind and my time. It’s kind of a lame system I came up with but it was the best I could think of currently.


All 3 games underway! Good luck y’all :smile:


(OnionKnight) Vs. Supercords
AvS on Reaper
5-0 (technically a surrender, but my next turn had lethal on base set up)

Gg wp


I’ve accepted Vitessa!'s and starting my other two in a minute.



InsomniacDoodat > Vitessa!
Bringing some of that old rush back on SFI


vs. Godistak
FvF on SFI
5-0, Gg wp!


Brutal guys! It’s funny, onion was just telling me that he was using marios strategy against godistak, and I told him that doodat actually made the first version of that rush up for feedback back in the day. Then what happens? Doodat shows up with an awesome replay of what I was talking about haha. It’s pretty different between the two games but same principle.

Godistak, you are an awesome player but one little tip, when someone is pushing up on you and you get a scrambler out for defensive purposes, keep it back as far as possible. If you would have had the scrambler back 1 more space I think you could have held that off easily. Looking forward to your next replays!!


I’m surprised that Vitessa played for the long game, spending the wit to move the medic to spawn, after I showed quick aggression, then proceeded to spend another wit to move it back to boost the heavy AND move it forward. I had basically won at that point


Vitessa! kicked my butt. Not surprised, my War Garden game is weak.



I never take my medic to wit. If anything I usually take it to attack.


It was a nice try! Vitessa is a beast. Gg


The only reason I see any merit is that your opponent assumes that you don’t have something else there other than your medic so you can do some sneaky stuff, but that only works in drawn out games


Taking medic forward? Blocking, healing, taking wit spot. Most the time I leave it behind but sometimes I’ll take it with me. If they get a bs up im taking it for sure.

Or do you mean moving medic down to replace it with something? I agree in that sense. I’ve never really done that but maybe I can make something up?


Yeah, I’m not sure what you mean by taking the wit with the medic, Vitessa only did that after having moved down the medic near spawn


Oh I just mean if you take the medic with you in general. Not in your game vs vit.


Vs. -.Dumontster.-
AvA on TG

Gg wp!