The list qualifier has begun


I don’t know what in the hell is going on with challonge because I never have used it before, but it looks like onionknight is advancing to finals with an undefeated record. Everyone else, Don’t give up though!

I’d like to have second place from each bracket face off against each other. The winner from that could face whoever lost the finals for a redemption match. Whoever wins finals and redemption match will get to be on the list! Is everyone cool with that?

Everything will be single elimination except for the finals. Finals will be best of 3

The match that determines the second player who will get to join the list will be played on foundry.

I’ll write all of this up more clearly in the first thread tonight.


P1 win for Phants against @annemariew28 on Glitch. Gg


Godistak vs -.DuMontster.- on War garden.

Godistak won. Good game!


You played that game perfectly. I don’t think you wasted a single wit. If I was going to teach an outwitters class, I’d use this game for an example of how important it is to play conservatively.

Domont played a really solid game too. I think his runner hitting your soldier on his first attack was a mistake. It seemed like he thought he had enough wits to pull the sniper up and finish this soldier off but he didn’t.

Had he not done that I still think you would have won though, he didn’t quite get the value out of the mobi that you got from the scrambler.

All things considered, great game guys. I enjoyed watching that one.


Phants!! I’ve been meaning to write my thoughts about your game sooner than now, but I’m finally getting around to it. Better late than never I spose :slight_smile:

Nice playing phants. You attacked at the perfect time. No way anyone could have recovered from that attack right after they spawned a mobi. Vitessa is a monster, I didn’t think anyone would be able to take them down except maybe doodat.

Vitessa caught a bit of an unlucky break, but at the same time it was a dangerous move he made that just didn’t work out because phants played it nicely. Win some lose some on the gambles.

Gg guys, again, nice playing phants.


Nice game onion! Beating dumonster on tg is a challenge, he seems to be really good on tg.

Turn 12 seemed really sketchy to me unless you had a good idea of how many wits dumonster had. Not sure if you counted or not but either way it was a great move under the circumstances. I didn’t know which way the game would go at this point.

I thought dumonster was going to win after I saw turn 7. He had great positioning and made you retreat a little bit.

After turn 12 I didn’t know who would win, then it became clear that onion would take the game at the end. I’m trying to pinpoint the move I thought won onion the game (or cost dumont the game) but I can’t. I think it was a combination of turns 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16. Turns 8 and 10 were great moves. Smart not trying to counter on turn 8 since you really couldn’t.

I guess if I had to pick some moves that swayed things from dumonts favor to your favor it would be turns 10, and 12. This was a great match. Very technical. Top notch game from top notch players. Thanks guys, it was fun to watch.

This game shows how important it is to conserve wits at a higher level of play.


Nice commentary @Cmss220 I do like a bit of outwitters analysis!

I was a bit fortunate in the way it panned out, my strategy as P1 was to press from the start to try to dictate play so that @annemariew28 didn’t have time to set up an attack of her own.

The sniper advance on the spawn space side was something that had worked for me as P2 as a counter to the common strategy of advancing a sniper up the middle and I’d found it can set up a stronger position than I’d expected so I was interested to try it as P1.

The attack worked better than expected as Vitessa! had spawned a mobi that turn (and as you say was always going to struggle at that point), but i think the attack was a solid move anyway as at worst It would have been an even trade (considering the lost bonus wit) and set up the sniper to harraas the wit space with good protection.


It was a really fun game! It’s cool to hear an analysis of the match like this…

I probably shouldn’t admit that I wasn’t counting wits on turn 12. By killing his sniper on turn 10, I knew I’d force him to spawn and mobi another one. Which was ok, even if it meant trading snipers because really… what’s a mobi without a sniper!? My main goal there was to keep him spending his wits on respawning instead of pushing.

As for the sketchiness of turn 12… I guess I do this regularly, and again maybe I shouldn’t admit it, but I was going on the feeling that he wouldn’t have the 10 wits needed to counter both soldiers.

Also, I was ignorant of some of his units in the fog, so I suppose it could be chalked up to dumb luck with timing. I felt the urgency to attack, and I did, and it worked out.


True, the attack was great even without him spawning mobi, but when he did spawn mobi it was the final nail in the coffin.

I used to go around the side all the time. It worked wonders in master and low super Titan, but it stopped working for me once I got in the top 15 or so. I almost always get stomped on glitch. I enjoyed seeing my old trusty strategy take down such a good player. Gj phants!!

Edit: yeah I know it’s not really my strategy. I’m sure others have tried it before I did, but I came up with a version of that on my own without seeing it in a replay, and it worked so well for so long for me. It’s hard not to consider it mine even though I didn’t invent it :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems like following your gut is working nicely for you. You are climbing the ranks fast! You don’t really need to count most of the time. You probably had a decent idea he didn’t have 10 wits. The only reason I called it sketchy is because it’s a 2 wit map and I didn’t have a feel for how many wits he spent since I was just watching the replay. (I know it says in the corner how many wits they had, I just usually don’t look at that number when I’m watching replays.

Though I must admit as soon as I saw you make that move I instantly looked down to see how many wits dumont had. I was on the edge of my seat for a second haha.


InsomniacDoodat > DLMemories

Intense last couple of turns


Wow, that was intense. Don’t see that big of armies and wit counts in the high 20s very often. Great game guys.

@Doodat do you have any clue how to fix the scores on challonge? I update the matches but that’s just giving points. It not showing that onionknight is 3-0-0 for example. I’ll give you my log in info if you need it to figure out what’s wrong.


So you can update the scores, when you do so, you also need to specify who wins by clicking p1, p2, or tie.


Ah I didn’t catch that before. I was too focused on adding points in. Thank you! I believe I have it fixed.

How are the matches going?

For group b - I’m waiting for @Supercords vs @ylva_godistak and @Supercords vs @erikpdumont

For group a I’m waiting on


I started both my games.


Thanks for the update good luck bud!


Group A games remaining are both of mine against @Memories and @Doodat

Both games progressing, but I’ve been pretty slow as I only have limited time to play and have been splitting that between 4 games - I will pick up a bit now it’s just 2. Thanks for your patience guys.

@memories has just made a big attack on Foundry so that game is opening up

Against @Doodat on Thorn gulley may have a bit to go yet


Thanks for the update, no hurry buddy! I was just checking up on how things were going. :slight_smile:


The list will be needing some new players soon. at this point I think onionknight qualifies, but that’s up to hans.

How are the current matches going?


I think my game with @Doodat is close to finishing, still going against @Memories on foundry.

Vacation coming up next week so will have time to speed up my rate of play!