The list qualifier has begun


Yea tbh I don’t know what I’m doing on thorn gulley, been slow on game turns as well, sry about that


Phants P2 win against @Doodat on Thorn Gulley, Adorables getting the better of the Veggies this time.

2 games down 1 to go!



Nice job phants!! Well played guys!


And to conclude the group Phants P2 win over @Memories on foundry in a tough match. A bombshell defence setting up the eventual winning counter attack.



Nice game! It’s not often I see a bombshell on foundry work out well that early.

Ok looks like it’s @Phants vs @OnionKnight for the finals.

Here are the rules:
-Best of 3 matches
-No choosing the same maps you picked as player 1in the first phase. (You may choose maps that your opponent picked as player 1 in the first phase)
-both of you start 1 match and if the score is 1-1 Phants gets to pick the map for the tie breaker. (He had more p2 wins)
-please start matches as soon as possible. I will set a deadline of a week from today (7-15) to begin matches. Please let me know if there are any issues with this and we can talk it over.
-player 1 please notify me when you begin your match and include the map the match is being played on.

For everyone else, please finish up all the matches and the player with the best score will face off against the loser of the finals for a redemption match.

The winner of the finals and the winner of the redemption match will be qualified for the list tournament!

Thank you to everyone who participated! This was a good group of skilled players. Hosting this tournament and watching the replays has been a blast so far.

Gl hf in the rest of the matches!!


Looking forward to it, might take me a day to decide what map to go with but should be ready to go Monday and have 2 weeks on vacation so should be able to do plenty of outwitters plotting from my sun lounger!


Woops, sorry, hadn’t checked in for a while. Starting my P1 match now on Reaper.


Great, I love reaper…:scream:, now if I can just guess whether you’ll pick veggies or adorables @OnionKnight ???

I’ll start tomorrow, have found a lot more distractions on my sun lounger than expected but will get to it tomorrow and start my P1 game. Probably on sweet tooth.


Scored a comeback win over Godistak



Great comeback, looked like you were done for a couple of times there. Good game both of you.


First blood to @Phants in the final, with a P2 win over @OnionKnight on reaper. An aggressive start for both sides making for a short game!

Gg @OnionKnight

Game 2 ongoing on sweet tooth in another all Adorables match up.


Sorry guys been kind of out of it lately because of medical issues. I’ll update this tonight after the kids are asleep :). Looking forward to watching some of the matches.


Hopefully you’ll agree this is a fitting end to the final, as @phants squeaks a 2nd win over @OnionKnight in an all Adorables clash. 5 mobis spawned, attack and counter attack making for a taxing, tense, but fun game.

The counter attack in turn 22 had me sweating - particularly as I thought @OnionKnight had a couple more wits spare than he did and an extra runner could have swung it.

Gg @OnionKnight and thanks to all my opponents for the enjoyable games.

Thanks for organising @Cmss220

Looking forward to further tests (and learning experiences) in the list tournament - and getting back to the long slow league slog to try to break top 20 and get to ST which I’d put on hold through the recent tourneys.

I may celebrate quietly with a wee dram tonight!


PS - good luck in the playoff @OnionKnight


Fun games @Phants!

And to echo what you already said, thanks @Cmss220 for putting all of this together :smile:


So there is one more match right? @Cmss220 @OnionKnight


I think the situation is that I’ve got 1 qualifying place by winning the final, but there is still a 2nd qualifying place up for grabs between the winner of @OnionKnight and whoever had the best 2nd place record - which would be either @Doodat or @Supercords (who can tie @doodat’s 2-1 record with a win over @erikpdumont in the last round robin game).

Is that right @Cmss220 or is there a playoff between the 2 second placed players first?


The bracket/standing hasn’t been updated. I’m not sure my game with DuMonster (@erikpdumont) is ever going to end :slight_smile:


Yeah I will update this when I get home in 2 hours time and we will finish this up


It ended!! Only took a few months to beat Dumonster.