The list qualifier has begun


My previous win still hasn’t been updated on the bracket


So you came second?


I have no idea what the status is with this tournament.


Sorry guys I was fighting off a pretty bad illness that kept coming and going and was super swamped with work for a while after it was one.

Phants took first. Onion is inactive at this point which would mean whoever won with doodat vs supercords took second. I’m not sure if doodat cares to play now that hexgambit is out? @Doodat

It’s been so long and I’m sorry about my absence at the end. If you guys want to play that’s cool with me, or pass and tie for second that is fine too. Someone can also forfeit. It’s all up to you guys at this point.

Well played by everyone. Lots of fun matches to watch.


Thanks for organising the tournament, and hope you’re over the worst now. Good to see you back @Cmss220


Glad to see you back. I’m probably not going to play^^