"The List" Tourney (#1 Gamtruly)



The List (If the tourney started today)

  1. Gamtruly
  2. big boss
  3. This Guy Always
  4. Torbreck.
  5. Beach Landing
  6. game_taker
  7. cmss220
  8. Intimidation
  9. Lewer<<

  10. mr_13en

Waiting List

  1. =) Random Task (=

The goal of this tourney is to be #1 on The List. Players challenge the next highest ranked player on The List and so forth until they reach the top. This is for 1v1 play only.

Open only to players who have appeared at least once in the top 10 of the Weekly Elite List since January 1, 2016*. See Qualified Players List below. Of those players interested in competing, only the 10 players with the highest rating based on averaged ranking and number of appearances in the top 10 of the Weekly Elite List since January 1, 2016, will be placed on The List. Those 10 players will make up the first version of The List. See rating formula below.**

The remaining players will be placed on a separate waiting list ranked based on the same rating described above and wait for an opportunity to challenge for the #10 spot. Players who are not on the qualifying list but wish to compete can be placed on the waiting list if they appear in the top 10 of any future Weekly Elite List*.

Players on the waiting list will remain on the waiting list unless they choose to be removed. However, the rating formula described above will continue to be applied to the players on the waiting list. An adjusted waiting list based on the rating formula will be published whenever #10 becomes available for a challenge.

Qualified players interested in competing in this tourney must post in this thread stating they wish to compete by Thursday, February 16, 2017. After this time, any players wishing to compete can request to do so and will be placed on the waiting list if they were on the original Qualified Players List or if they appear in the top 10 of any future Weekly Elite List* as described above.

Due to the nature of this tourney, only a few matches will be played at a time and they may take time to complete. Regardless, the idea is to have a dynamic list of the top 10 active Outwitters players with none being able to rest on their laurels.

*Exception to this are players whose only appearance in the top 10 of the Weekly Elite List was/is on a week where a new season was/is starting.
**Rating Formula=(Player’s average ranking over appearances in top 10 of the Weekly Elite list * (# of weeks since January 1, 2016/number of times player has appeared on top 10 of the Weekly Elite list))


  1. Challenges are made upward to the next higher ranked player (For example: #10 challenges #9 etc.).
  2. Challenges are made by posting in tourney thread and calling out next ranked player.
  3. Challenges are issued on a first come first served basis following the rules below.
  4. Player must accept challenge by stating so on tourney thread within 48 hours otherwise forfeits position and drops one position.
  5. Higher ranked player chooses to play as either P1 or P2 and selects map. Higher ranked player must send invite to challenging player within 12 hours of accepting challenge.
  6. Once match commences, lower ranked player must post what races and map the match is being played on to avoid confusion with any other ongoing matches with the same player.
  7. You cannot have more than one challenge for position at a time.
  8. One match decides position. If higher ranked player wins, they keep their position. If lower ranked player wins, the players swap positions.
  9. There cannot be a re-match between the same two players for the same position unless neither player initiates a new challenge and/or is challenged after 1 week.
  10. Winner or Loser can post match results. Once match is completed and posted, either of those players can be challenged OR issue challenge, except as stated above regarding rematch.
  11. Whenever #10 on the list is available for a challenge and an adjusted waiting list is published, the highest ranked player on the waiting list will have first dibs on challenging #10 for their spot. If that player does not exercise their challenge within 24 hours of the waiting list publishing or forfeits their opportunity by posting so in the tourney thread, the next highest ranked player from the waiting list can challenge #10 within the following 24 hours and so forth down the list.
  12. If the #10 position player is defeated by player from waiting list, that player will be placed on the waiting list if they so choose. If the challenging player from the waiting list loses, they cannot challenge for the #10 position again until after a different player from the waiting list has had a chance to challenge #10.
  13. To start this tourney the following matches will be played: 10 vs 9, 8 vs 7, 6 vs 5, 4 vs 3, 2 vs 1. Matches must start within 48 hours of tourney commencement.
  14. A match is considered a forfeit if counter reaches “They forfeit in 2d.” Player must post screenshot in tourney thread as proof.
  15. All tourney participants must be in Tourney Mode:Tourney Mode
  16. Tourney will be ongoing or until interest dies.

Qualified Players List

  1. Gamtruly
  2. GendryStorm
  3. big boss
  4. This Guy Always
  5. Torbreck.
  6. Nagibator666
  7. Katabuki
  8. BeachLanding
  9. DeJosselin
  10. Uyduruk00
  11. game_taker
  12. Sharugames
  13. sdmario
  14. rcsum
  15. Mari BK
  16. Dwreck
  17. moneymike650
  18. poweewee
  19. warrior_97
  20. Vitessa!
  21. Emperor Trump
  22. ArmyOfDerek
  23. antiturnip
  24. Bad Herr Day
  25. cmss220
  26. GreatGonzalez
  27. hifimatlock
  28. cloned_twin
  29. jpeezy numero 2
  30. WitWonk
  31. Alvendor
  32. Intimidation
  33. belisar1us
  34. Calabster
  35. -:- 「Cloud」 -:-
    • YukFuj5 -
  36. jesusfuentesh
  37. aldostiglitz
  38. Night Owl
  39. burnodrod
  40. Lewer<<

  41. mr_13en
  42. sebk14
  43. =) Random Task (=
  44. JohnyA33
  45. jmarnstein
  46. charlie mcnoodle
  47. Tim Lund


Dropping this bomb before heading to work. Throwing my hat in. Let’s see if any interest. I was going to @ everyone but didn’t have time. I’ll probably do it later.


Oh one thing I forgot to include is player cannot have more than one username on list. For example big boss was using TheMountain for a while, which qualified, but I left that user ID out. Not sure if there are others on the list. If there are please let me know.


Wow!! Simply amazing i can’t believe how much time and effort thos must have taken you.
I am definitely into this very interesting. Nice way to keep things dynamic :smile:
Also you have both of alts in the list bramble master and TheMountain both are my alts you can remove them both :wink:


Oh yeah…thought I removed TheMountain. Thanks I’ll take em out.

Yeah the hard part was figuring out the formula, once I had that then plugging in the data was easy. :slight_smile:


@GAMTRULY, @GendryStorm, @ggggggggkkkkkk, @Torbreck, @Nagibator666, @Alan_Klaus, @DeJosselin, @Uyduruk, @game_taker, @Sharugames, @sdmario, @Rcsum, @MariBK, @poweewee, @Vitessa, @EmperorTrump, @Bad_Herr_Day, @spccsc, @GreatGonzales, @Hifimatlock


@jpeezynumero2, @Alvendor, @Intimidation, @Belisarius, @Calabster, @Cloud, @Yukfuj5, @jesusfuentesh, @Aldostiglitz, @NightOwl, @burnodrod, @Lewer, @Random_Task, @jmarnstein


I wish to compete:)


I’m not ranked high enough to compete but let me know if you need any help organizationally/with all that math @mr_13en


Awesome, thanks @LegacyofEight!


You know I’m in :slight_smile:
I will turn on tournament mode tonight after I reinstall, my game is bugging out and I can’t join any matches this morning.

@onealexleft any clue why most of my matches are saying unavailable when I try to join? I have managed to get in to a couple matches and it swapped the chat from different games. It’s odd to see messages from my 2v2 partners in 1v1 games they aren’t in.

Could it be my crappy wifi?


Good idea - I’m in!


Is this also the current ranking list?


@Intimidation, good question and yes actually it is. Which means since @Alan_Klaus is within the top 10, he’s the first player who is guaranteed a spot on The List.


Which btw, @big_boss, was that a yes you’re in or you’re interested and gonna think about it? I took your comment to mean you were gonna think about it.


If I get top 10 from any Weekly Elite list starting now, would I qualify? (Saw that it’s waiting list)


Yes that’s correct :slight_smile:

Thought about going farther back but then I thought that may include a lot of inactive players. Plus it would be time consuming. Maybe I’ll go back sometime and see who ranks highest from the start of the game.


So people on the list can drop out without screwing up the tournament, right? I’d like to participate but I don’t want to commit to anything that will take a really long time, like most tournaments do.


Yeah you can drop out at anytime. Or say if you don’t accept the challenge you’ll drop positions. But if you drop out of the top 10 then you get pooled into the waiting list… but yeah tourney will go on regardless.

Basically you’d only have one match at a time and you’d be defending your spot on the list or trying to move up a spot.


I’m in.
My username in the game is >>lewer<<…not as it appears on this forum nor on the list you made.
I’m not checking this forum a lot so a bit concerned I might lose on forfeit.