"The List" Tourney (#1 Gamtruly)


I will compete in this for sure :smile:


@Lewer, for some reason when i put >>lewer<< it did some weird formatting in the original post so I used the parentheses. I’ll see if I can make it work.


How to register ?


Just state you wish to compete, but don’t worry I’ll put you down.


count me in :slight_smile:


I’m up


I’ve added “The List” including the players registered so far at the top of the first post. Notice I’ve also added the #1 player in the thread title.


Thx, any 2vs 2 matches in the future? I like 2vs2 matches :slight_smile:


Wasn’t planning on it but not a bad idea… 2v2 tourneys haven’t really hit because of the length of time each match takes to complete. Let’s see how this one goes and go from there… :slight_smile:


Just wanted to make sure. Won’t get the invite if the name is spelled incorrect


Hey can I be put on the waiting list?


Sure, I’ll put you down. You actually may end up on the list. Depending on how many players sign up.


this sounds laid back enough for me to have time to do. Can I sign up? I used to be on the top 10 but that was a long time ago under Cor13:4.


@Cor134, you’re definitely one of the greats and while I want to just say yes you’re in I also want to keep it fair to all participants. Are you coming up in the weekly elite nowadays? Are you close to cracking the top 10?

I thought about going far back and compiling the data from the start of the game but it would be very time consuming. If I get more interest from the original players I may consider doing that otherwise I’m gonna stick with the way it’s set up right now.


I just started a new account, so it’s not even a ST yet.


I’m playing a match with cor right now. He is still amazing. I think he will definitely beat me. I’m sure he is good enough to play in it but just no clue where you would place him


@Cor134, You know what, I’ll have to adjust the rules but since it’s documented on OSN that you were in the top 10 back in 2014 I’ll add you to the waiting list. I’ll need your new game ID.

Which takes me to a digression… the way the rules work right now the waiting list will be adjusted based on rating since January 2016 – this will severely disadvantage any new players who are added to the waiting list. I think either 1.) I’ll have to adjust that to state that the player on the waiting list with the highest rating from the start date of this tourney will get next dibs to challenge #10 (otherwise it will probably be the same 2 or 3 players if we go by data from 2016), - OR – 2.) I make the list rotating so everyone gets a chance to battle for #10 at some point (I think I like this option better – what does everyone else think?)


Thanks, spccsc, that’s kind of you to say. Thanks, mr_13en too for setting this up and letting me in.

My new account is 1Cor13:4


Maybe I just need to read more carefully but I had some questions.

Only one match for each player can go at once right? So if 2 challenges 1 and 3 challenges 2, whoever challenges first will get their match while the other person waits for a challenge?

If that is the case, is there a time limit after a failed challenge before you can challenge again? Or a time limit on challenging for the spot you just lost?

If there is only one match allowed per player at once, how many matches does player 10 need to play before he can challenge player 9? After initially losing to player 9 the first time?


Hey bud,

Yes, one match at a time, and challenges are first come first served. So in your scenario one challenger will have to wait until the first match is complete.

There cannot be a re-match between the same two players for the same position unless neither player initiates a new challenge and/or is challenged after 1 week. So after a week you can try challenging again – unless of course you’re locked up in another match.

Player #10 can challenge #9 following the rules above but it’s just going to depend on whether or not #9 is available for a match. It may turn out #10 is constantly defending their spot against the players from the waiting list. Maybe in addition to the players on the waiting list being on a rotating sequence for a crack at #10, I should also tweak the rules so if a new #10 is established they are able to challenge for #9 before having to defend their spot. I’ll tweak the rules soon. I’m also going to ask Alex to post in the Witters Digest. Just haven’t had a chance.