The long road begins



Small player pool matchmaking optimization shouldn’t be priority, since we all believe there will be great success for the next game. Yet matchmaking optimizing is key ingredient of human vs human game’s success!
Improving Outwitters would make the next one a better game.
And since only the loyalist are left, we would not mind, if Outwitters is used to test improvements to the matchmaking, ranking, league … hooks to get players excited about THE GAME.


Woah, it’s in 3D :astonished:


It’s going to be a long while before Outwitters gets an update. I have to upgrade that entire codebase to another version of Unity before I can even start to mess with its internals.


Dang, I love mysterious shadows!


The hype is building!


It’s the little things…





Not quite there yet. Just doing a lot of server-side development past few weeks, so very little ‘visual’ things lately.


Getting Kickstarter rewards ready and tested…


Are the onyx-colored dudes special in some way? Since Kickstarted was just for chrome and gold.


They are the ‘alternate’ skin for chrome. Since there’s the possibility of having multiple chrome/gold players in a single game we have 2 versions of chrome and gold to more easily tell them apart.


Cool! Is it possible to pick which is used if there’s only one active in a game?


No, the only toggle is ‘Chrome’ and ‘Gold’. In 1v1 the alt version is basically always used for ‘team 2’ and ‘team 1’ gets the normal versions. So basically depends on what turn you match up on when you find a game.



Fun stuff is happening. Can’t wait!