The Official Eurasian General Quarter Thread


Arse! :slight_smile: obviously the soldier has to go so do we attack with runner and spawn sniper then port to safety if under threat or move runner, spawn soldier and attack with 2 soldiers? I’m sure there are other options…[hr]
Does anyone have Americas wit count. My pass and play game has gone to the dogs


Do they have a runner on A4? :slight_smile:


i think they must have a runner somewhere otherwise the attack on the heavy was blind


I propose moving the runner to attack the 4HP soldier, and spawning a sniper on the left to kill the soldier.

I was thinking of then ending the turn there (leaving the sniper on the spawn point) but if there was a runner on A4, it would be vulnerable to a attack/tele. So probably tele the sniper to the right afterwards?


Another option to consider - if we are fairly sure there is a runner on A4 we could use the 2hp runner on I5 to tap the soldier for 1HP and get vision, then use the runner on the spawn to take out their runner if it is in range, then spawn sniper to finish off the soldier ?


Their possible runner on A4 may have possibly been boosted. I also wouldn’t mind looking at moving the mobi more centrally. Onto the hex where the predeployed sniper started?


I destroyd the soldier (because we all agree to do this) and saw there is neither runner or A4 nor on another hex in that place. I have put the runner on C2, so it is unreachable. So we spent 5 wits, what I suggest to do is heal the mobi, move it to H3, and put the 2hp runner somewhere else so it’s not freely killed. :slight_smile:


I think I’d prefer I3 for the mobi. H3 just feels a little vulnerable if their mobi were to move to F6 and heavy to G7 they could snipe our mobi without us being able to retaliate. With mobi at I3 the 2pt runner could move to H3.


I3 feels to far for me, what do the other think? :slight_smile:


Any worth in porting the sniper next to our medic?


No cuz I am sure no runner can reach the sniper and we have other priorities :slight_smile:

I indeed agree that they can make a big attack to put us in difficulty, destroying our mobi if it’s on H3, but they first don’t know where it would be (and they don’t know we have one) and if they rush at the left we would really be able to respond. :slight_smile:


Could you make another screenie? I seem to have lost any idea what we’re doing.


— Begin quote from ‘Mag!cGuy’ pid=‘52070’ dateline=‘1370625274’

I3 feels to far for me, what do the other think? :slight_smile:

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I know what you’re saying :slight_smile: whats the time counter on Mag!c?


“4 days ago”

I think I’ll play already, sry :stuck_out_tongue:


Play away then my friend. Its a gamble but we definitely need to move that mobi somewhere :slight_smile:


No photoshopping again cuz there is no unit I’m sure of the location that you can’t see here. :slight_smile:

They really thought their strategy! A runner came from C8 to kill the one I thought they couldn’t reach, then mobi called it back where you see, and they put their 2hp runner where you see. At least I was right wanting to get our mobi at the “leftest” possible :stuck_out_tongue: That’s all I can tell you!


Option 1: Runner to F7, kill and tele to H4. Then move soldier on K5 to I6, (threatening to kill his soldier then tele a sniper to kill his mobi). For that to work though, we will need 9 wits next turn, which means we have to save 2 wits this turn. If we choose this path, we will not be able to save the sniper.

Option 2: Tele the sniper to I3, but then I am not sure how to defend the left side. His obvious threat is to hit with two runners and then to tele a sniper. Perhaps attack on the right side instead?


what about moving the runner to F7, then kill their runner, move mobi to H6, teleport sniper to G7 and kill their mobi… this would cost 3 wits and we would be left with 4 wits to be spent or saved depending on what we see. it probably puts our mobi at risk and leaves their 2hp runner intact but at least we would get rid of their mobi in its advanced position.


Random, don’t forget there is the heavy on the wit side! And even if there wasn’t, the soldier and the 2hp runner could kill our mobi, so it’s really not the thing to do :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there nothing hidden to the left? I haven’t been following too much… but what about move mobi to E3, port sniper to E4, shoot runner, spawn soldier and move to D3. then move one of the soldiers on the right to H5 to threaten the mobi/runner in mid. they shouldn’t be able to kill our mobi then and the only way to kill our snipe is to use their own snipe.