~~~ The Secret Rule for Points Game ~~~ :D


I like forum games. Here is a forum game I stoled from another forumplace.

First I make up a SECRET RULE that determines how many points you get for the contents of a post.

Then you all start posting anything you want and I tell you how many points your posts each get. Then, the first person to guess the SECRET RULE is the WINNER and gets to make up the next SECRET RULE. And this repeats forever.

You can keep track of how many times you have been the WINNER on your own. I’m not going to make a table or anything because that is TOO MUCH WORK.

Here's an example:

Post 1: "How's about a hug?"
Me: 0 points
Post 2: "Um. Can you give me a hint?"
Me: 2 points.
Post 3: "Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I wonder what the answer is."
Me: 11 points.
Post 4: Points = number of M's in the text of the post

DON’T CREATE ABSURDLY DIFFICULT RULES. I’m talking about things like “plug the number of vowels in the post into the equation x = floor(y^(y-6*y^2)) and the number of digits in the resulting value of x that are not 3 or 8 is the number of points you get”

Come on. Just don’t do it.

Okay, start!


This is a test post.


Is there a limit to how long a post can be?


Memories: 10 points
Doodat: 19 points

Doodat: No, but if you make a post that is very very long I will be very very mad at you.




big_boss: 7 points


Is it the number of consonants in the post?





I’ve got a rule.

TheGreatErenan: 2 points


What rule


Okay, but it’s collinj14’s turn.




Secret rule? Points? How many do I get for this post?


@collinj14 it is your turn to make a rule.Do you have one in mind?


Sorry guys, Ive got a rule

@Chemoeum 4 points
@big_boss 1 point
@TheGreatErenan 1 point. (Should I score your winner post or no?)
@Chemoeum 1 point
@0rr 4 points
@big_boss 1 point




Number of capital letters.


DingDingDing @Memories takes this round



Okay, I have a new rule :slight_smile:


Number of lowercase letters?