~~~ The Secret Rule for Points Game ~~~ :D


Number of letters in the second half of the alphabet divided by two


@ggggggggkkkkkk 1 point.
@Doodat 3 points.


Number of a’s?


Hah, no, but that does work for your two comments :stuck_out_tongue:

1 point for that post, gk.


The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog


It is as amazing as me.


Number of dots in the sentence? (I.e. Periods, dots above I’s, etc)


@Chemoeum 2 points
@LegacyofEight 3 points

@collinj14 You got it! Nice!


Wait till Collin and Memories dominate this thread


Haha, I thought about using that one @Memories. Ive got a new rule

@Chemoeum 14 points


I don’t know it yet, but testing.


Number of lines?

Took a stab with minimal checking :neutral_face:

Wait no! Number of enclosed space in letters! That was gonna be my rule :frowning:


@Memories 6 points

@Chemoeum no on your first guess but congrats on the second! :slight_smile: Your turn bud


Ok new rule! Because I was gonna do enclosed space :disappointed_relieved:

Post away as I think hard and long


The is a test post so I can get lot’s of points!


POINTS: :point_up::point_up::point_up:


Number of three-letter words.




Hi Chem. I’m happy to see that you are the latest winner. Do you like buffets?


Why did I get zero points?! :wink: