~~~ The Secret Rule for Points Game ~~~ :D


Noticed a discrepancy in the scoring so please read this so it doesn’t screw you up. Many of the posts have been potential loopholes in the rule, so they have been very difficult to score. Been thinking about it and here are my updated scorings.

hi. is zero
. is two
hi is two
.hi is two
hi . is zero
.hi .hi is four

I’m really sorry for the confusion but this is accurate for sure. One piece of advice is to not go crazy with the spacing/caps/punctuation and post normal/everyday posts. You’ll get the rule faster that way I promise!


I guess we can rule out the number generator




Don’t forget the three above your discrepancy clarification


Two (descripty)


Zero and Zero and Zero


This rule seems absurdly difficult, but I guess I gotta trust that making a normal post will work




Let me help you guys.




This might just be a clue! Lol





Number of tiny dots above letters.


The total of all of the letters added up in the first word(s) after punctuation?


Chem: “confused” is two
Scott: one
Cms: zero


Dhjdjfbfb hdiwlzkf urrbxnxjk.


That string of gibberish is zero.

Ok no more hints you can do it