~~~ The Secret Rule for Points Game ~~~ :D


Legacy: 1
Cms: 2 :astonished:



and this is another


Mem: 2


Amount of different lines separated by a space between them, or amount of paragraphs with a loose definition of what a paragraph is?



Your turn, Machine :smile:


What?!? I don’t have a rule I never thought I’d win!!! Go ahead and post guys I’ll think of a rule as soon as I can :slight_smile:

I think I’ll print out your post and frame it!! Winner!!!




Got it!

Mem: 41


Holy foshizzle that’s a lot of points


Chem: 17

I gave him a lot of points because joe is worth it!!

You are too Chem, but I have to stick to the rule!


Am I worth it?


Ahhhh you only get 3 if I follow the rule legacy, but rules are meant to be broken so I’ll give you a billion points!

Legacy (3 according to the rule) but a billion according to me!!






Wow a billion points for me?!?


Chem: 39
Tge: 37
Legacy: 47

I feel like someone is close to getting it.


Convert the first letter of the post into a numerical value (a = 1, z = 26), double it, and add one


Winner!!! Wish I had a cool image to make it more epic!


Cms: 3,651,480


:thinking: I wish I had as many dollars as I have points.