~~~ The Secret Rule for Points Game ~~~ :D




Cms: 2,954,880
Doodat: 320






Erenan: 1
Memories: 2


Well I don’t feel like taking the rule tbh

Product of all the numeric values of each character?


Doodat: 2,332,800




Cms: 24


It’s a numerical value of each letter like you said in my rule (a=1 z=26) you take the first letter and times it by the second letter then take the second letter and times it by the third letter and so on.

So the word “zap” would = 416 (26 x 1 x 16)


Cms: 111,449,520

You’re on the right track, just like Doodat


How long did it take you to add that up?




Cms: 17,640
Cms: 416





Mem: 6




A = 1
B = 2
Case doesn’t matter.
Then the value of a post is the product of all letters in the longest word in the post.

Alternatively, it might simply be the highest value word in the post, not necessarily the longest (e.g., “babe” is lower value than “zoo.”)

Edit: no it must be the longest word. “Product” is higher value than “character” but “character” determined the score. I guess highest value is probably used as a tie breaker though.



You got the most part of it right, but I actually pick the first longest word in a tiebreaker

Your turn, Erenan


Chem: 3