~~~ The Secret Rule for Points Game ~~~ :D


Number of punctuation


Chem: 2


hi erenan


I am the machine!


Mem 2
Cmss 1


My dog just ate alphabet soup and threw up the word blarggggghhhh.




Greatest number of the same letter in a word. They don’t have to be in a row. E.g. “blarggggghhhh” has 5 g’s.




Oh wait scratch that. Not WINNER. You got 5 points


Lmao. talk about a low blow!


:frowning: how is that not the rule?


Up above you wrote “hi erenan” and he gave you 2 points. Maybe you’re close? I bet it’s the amount of the single letter that shows up the most on all words?"

So the word “taco” would be 1 point but “taco Tuesday” would be worth 2?


I got two points in that because “erenan” has 2 Es and 2 Ns, so the largest amount of the same letter is 2 = 2 points

so far every post follows the rule description I gave, so maybe he just wants something more specific? Idk.


Beh nevermind, its Memories’s. The rule was actually most occurrences of a letter in the longest word in the post and I read your post and too quickly announced WINNER before realizing you didn’t get the longest word part.


I thought the only difference was, it’s the most amount of letters in the whole post not just a specific word?

Edit: nevermind haha :smiley: I would have been been wrong about my post with the blarggggghhh anyway haha.


Gotchya! So “booo testing” would only give 2 points.

I don’t feel like I deserve the win, haha.


You were closer than I was. Take it!