Things I've learned about outwitters


I am usually in the top 10 players on weekly elite but, I’m not that good. I should be considered a decent player. I make a few mistakes here and there but I believe my skill level is a solid 7 out of 10. There are a lot of master players out there that could easily climb to my skill level. I want this thread to help people as much as possible so I’m going to make a list of helpful things most players might not know. I’m hoping some of the great players will weigh in and help me out here.

Torbreck shared this gem of a thread with me. It has a lot of great advice. I don’t agree with a few things on there but for the most part it’s really solid advice.

IMPORTANT: outwitters is a special game that insanely fun to play once you learn the basics. The game itself isn’t what is so special about the game though! That might not make any sense so let me explain. Outwitters is amazing largely because of the community. When I started playing 3 years ago I would have never imagined that I would make life long friends all over the globe. I have more than one friends I talk to often that I met on outwitters but who no longer play. I have only ran in to one rude person out of the hundreds I’ve played with. Compare that statistic with other games like league of legends and you will be blown away. I can almost promise you that at least one of your four team mates on LoL will be toxic. Please keep this in mind and be a good sport! The more you play, the more you will run in to the same players and start to get to know them, so keep that in mind too!

The only thing you have to do to be a good sport in this game is to not be rude in the chat, that’s it! There are other things that are considered polite that aren’t necessary though. The main thing is, saying gg or something similar like “well played” when the game is over. sometimes people might forget to do this, so if they don’t say gg or respond to you, don’t take offense. Some players consider it polite to play out the game even when you know you lost. Some players might not think twice about surrendering though and in my opinion, surrendering is not rude.

Here we go with the list!

  1. Don’t get an early mobi on shark food island against feedback. I personally would t even consider a mobi until after turn 20 or so and only in certain situations. A good feedback player will be ready to strike against adorables and scallywags if they think they got an early special, and almost always they will win if played properly. There might be some crazy strat with super early mobi or something but generally it’s a bad idea.

  2. This one should actually be number 1 because it’s the most important. Conserve wits!!! Gifted and master players start figuring out they need to conserve wits to make big attacks or defend them, but they aren’t careful enough. If you watch some of the best players, it’s common for them to save a bunch of wits. It’s common for them to be in the teens with the amount of wits they have. Sometimes they even go higher. You can easily accomplish this by being careful where you place your units, and spawning healed soldiers for the bulk of your army (in most cases) conserve conserve conserve. However!!! It is hard to balance unit count with conserving wits, it’s learned over time.

  3. Learn the meta inside and out. If you’re facing a veggie player on reaper, do you know what they are going to most likely do? You should know that, and every other popular strategy there is. Learn the counters to the popular strategies. Having said that, please feel free to experiment! Outwitters gives almost infinite options on how it can be played, but the community has got pretty good about figuring out the most efficient way to get strong positioning which is why there is a meta in outwitters.

  4. Use the map creator. The map creator is a very helpful tool that lets you place units on the map and move them around to plan attacks and help you visualize your move and your opponents counters. It can be found here.
    If you have never used it, go to the link then on the top click popular. Find a map created by one man left then click on the name “one man left”. This will take you to a page with all their maps. Alternatively I will link it here.

  5. Watch great players replays.
    That is a list of all of the super Titan replays. Some are better than others. Look for replays with higher views because those are usually the better ones. Once you get to know the players you will know who to look up, but here are some accounts that I personally believe are the best for each race.
    -scallywags: (1cor13:4)
    -adorables: (Gamtruly) (Katabuki)
    -feedback: (Game taker) (Torbreck.)
    -veggienauts: (this guy always)
    -mixed races: (Torbreck.) (big boss)
    -2v2: any team with (Torbreck.) (rcsum) (gamtruly) (>>lewer<<) (ch0du) will be great. Also, (mr_13en) and myself had a really good run! 2v2 is different in a sense. What I mean by that is, two good players can make an incredible team if they communicate well. For example, (chelsea4-4-2) and (supercords) are a team made up from 2 master league 1v1 players that play with the skills of super Titans when they team up.

Please note I put the names in parentheses to avoid confusion. None of the accounts I listed contain these as part of the name. I listed Torbreck as feedback and mixed because he does play multiple races, but he is one of the best feedback players there ever was and it was hard to find current feedback only accounts. (This guy always) had 4 accounts with each account playing a specific race. I didn’t list them all in the race section, but his other accounts are (-passwordistaco-) for adorables, (-chalupa batman-) for feedback and (yertler the turtler) for Scally. There were some incredible players back in the day such as pharmafan, 50 is cuteness 20 here (terrence), alvendor…etc who I would have loved to list but the replays are so old that some of them no longer work. Of course there are other very strong players who I didn’t list, I hope no one takes offense to this. Remember, even someone with lesser skill can beat one of the top players so it doesn’t hurt to check out any super Titan or master level replays.

  1. avoid special units on foundry and sweetie plains early and mid game. Most games I never get to the point where I need a special, though I have been beaten by a mobi a few times. Gk said below that an early bombshell might work but he hasn’t played around with it yet. Read his post and trust anything he says over anything I say.

  2. Watch the replay carefully and if you are playing at super Titan level you will most certainly need to count wits to compete in most games. The easiest and most accurate way to count wits is to have good vision which leads us to the next point.

  3. Scout!!! Vision is so important in this game. Vision is needed to accurately count wits, it’s needed to properly plan moves, and it’s needed to watch out for threats.

  4. As the last point stated, scouting is super important, so keeping your opponent from seeing what’s going on has to be important too. Try to hide your actions the best you can. Always kill your units vision before you do the rest of your move if you are able to do so.

  5. Learn how to play without specials. This is my unique point of view here. If I was going to teach someone how to play this game, I would first start off by teaching them how to play without specials. I truly believe a good player could reach super Titan without ever spawning a special unit. Why is this important? Well, it’s important because your special might not be too effective on specific maps. A mobi is so so important on reaper, but not so important on sfi, foundry, and other maps. Learning how to play without specials will help you know when you should actually spawn them. No matter what race you pick, they will have weak match ups, meaning your special isn’t as good as your opponents on that map, which might mean you shouldn’t get a special in that game. This tip will also help if you play in tournaments with race restrictions.

  6. The strongest races for each map in my opinion.

-shark food island - sfi is decently balanced but feedback is probably the strongest. Usually the first player to attack wins on this map if their attack is strong enough. Feedback has the edge because a scrambler can help with attacking or defending. “Wait a minute, aren’t scallywags the king of defending?” Bombshells are amazing for defense, but the problem with them on this map is it’s a smaller map with the wit right where the army is usually positiond early on. The first attack usually happens pretty early in the match. Early on in the match when the wit counts are low, spawning a bombshell can be a problem. Bombshells are expensive and hard to safely position in a good spot. Some players try to sneak a bombshell around the back and leave it unshelled so they can position it better on the following turn. If they get caught, then they just spent a ton of wits for a unit that can’t attack until the following turn. “Ok but what if they shell the bombshell, won’t it be amazing when the opponent attacks head on?” Now we get back to the fact that this is a smaller map with an easy to reach opponent wit. If you spawned a bombshell early on, you will certainly be low on wits to counter an attack. Your opponent will have probably attacked and killed at least 2 units. That would leave you with a bombshell, heavy, and maybe a runner to counter with. Let’s say you countered them decently, now they are in trouble right? Not necessarily. Now it’s their turn and they probably will take your wit spot, leaving you with 5 wits which just isn’t enough to keep countering them with. Since the map is so small, they can easily bring soldiers or runners over to reinforce. I can go on and on about the different scenarios here, but that would take all day. Why isn’t a mobi the best on sfi? Because they are expensive and the first attack usually happens pretty quickly. A mobi can be good here if the game goes long enough, but I’d still prefer the option of having scramblers because the map is small and open enough to not give the mobi the advantage it usually has. “Are there any pros to the mobi here?” Yes they can bring snipers up in to play efficiently. Without a mobi, snipers are not efficient on this map. Speaking of snipers, why are they not efficient? Because they are in danger if you walk them around the front, and cost way to many wits to walk around the back. Are snipers ever good on sfi without a mobi? It might be good to get a sniper for defending an early attack, but that’s highly situational. If you do go late game and get a mobi and sniper, it can be strong. It’s especially strong when you can get the sniper to the very top hex of the map because you can’t block a sniper from sniping a base from that hex.

Other maps coming soon and hopefully won’t be so long winded.

The guide I posted up at the top and most of my tips so far have been basic knowledge, I’m hoping to find some things master players might not know about so from here on out, i will try to post only specific things that are very high level. Most likely it will result in talking about specific maps and races. I’ll edit this and post more as I can. I know doodat has some good guides and I think necrocat made a guide teaching about wit efficiency so I’ll try to find that too.


I generally don’t use special units on foundry or sweetie plains because spawning a special on those maps leaves you vulnerable to being overrun early in the game.

I can only think of one exception where I almost got beat by an early mobi on foundry:
nagibator would have won if he killed both my soldiers on turn 10

Special units are good later in the game on those maps though. Also, early bombshells might be good but I haven’t really played many high-level scallywags games so I don’t know.


Nice, guide! A lot of good points!
I rarely count wits, but I probably should do it more often. It is so time consuming though. Most of the time it doesn’t effect my turn, and if I kind of need to know I just guess, or assume the he has plenty. I am interested if better players than me always keep track of the opponent’s wits


I almost always count wits when it’s a close turn, although I only start counting when it really matters. Often knowing how many wits the opponent has lets me rule out possible counters and pick a good move.


I’ll count wits against you this time=)


Thanks Hans :slight_smile: I am similar to Cor, I’ll count wits when I need to. If it’s a close turn, or if I’m trying to figure out if they could possibly have a special or something in the fog I can’t see.


Updated to add a few more tips and some replays to help explain what I am talking about. I’ll try to add content on different maps soon.


I think there’s an overall concept that is a bit subtle. Your “strength” at any given time is really how many effective units you have. This means not just unit count, but also having enough wits and positioning to use the units, whether this is for defense or offense.

Likewise, your opponents strength is their unit count, wits, and positioning.

Basically, even if you have 1000 units, if you only have 6 wits you can’t take more than 1 unit the next turn. If you have 1000 wits, but the opponent has blocked off points and you can only take 2 units, then likewise you can only take 2 units.

I’m not sure I’m explaining it well, but this also means you have to consider than on 1 spawn maps that you can only increase your unit count and possibly effective unit count by 1 per turn. You have to consider choke points and snipers, etc.


Well said, and just to add to that, this is one of the reasons why soldiers are so effective. You get 6-7 wits per turn, if you spend 4 to spawn/boost/move a soldier, then you can save the other 2-3 wits for when you want to attack with that soldier.

Man I’m playing like a gifted

If you want to look at a good match that demonstrates how wits, units, and positioning are all taken into account when playing, you can see my last game, which was my first loss this account:

I believe I made a mistake doing an early bombshell because of Hans better positioning. I calculated that if he attacked I would lose. So instead, I purposely sacrificed it on turn 10, knowing that he was likely to spawn a runner, see it and then attack with his 2 boosted soldiers. This would allow me to either recover wits by not spawning a unit, or get a 2 unit advantage over Hans on Turn 11. Also, it actually took him 12 wits to take my bombshell with those 2 soldiers, so I didn’t consider it that much of a wit sacrifice on my part.

The rest of the game, I strived hard to get the perfect positioning to keep my heavy at the front without it being able to be taken. In particular, Turn 13, you can see how it allowed me to move my heavy forward without risking it and although I would lose a unit, he would have to leave 1 behind to take my soldier up top. The end though would be better positioning for me. In particular, I needed to move that 3 hp soldier behind the top one to prevent more than 1 unit from being taken.

Again on Turn 15, I moved my soldier to prevent more than 1 unit from being taken, especially my heavy.

The following next turn were all calculated to prevent more than 1 unit from being taken. Also, since I could see he moved his medic to spawn I spawned a runner to allow me to block base potentially and to get vision on his spawns.

Unfortunately On Turn 21, I calculated I couldn’t win a push, but I decided to take his medic on spawn, which I considered a good trade because it would take him 2 wits to move a unit down and back to where it was before. Sometimes, this isn’t a good trade, because a medic is a non-combat unit, whereas a runner can do damage, but in this case I thought it was good. I also did not think with 7 wits (I counted his wits) he would be able to push. What I didn’t do was what I was doing the whole game, which was block a potential attack. I could have moved my soldier behind like I did before to prevent a push up top, but I was trying to save wits and didn’t consider he could push with only 7 units. But, this shows exactly how with the right positioning your “strength” is really how much damage can the opponent do. As long as he could keep his heavy alive, he had that “strength” and the potential to push for the win, which he did!