Tilt to Live Update


Blast from the past! But just pushed an update out for Tilt to Live 1 for 64-bit compatibility as well as fix a few minor bugs. Should be live in a couple days.


You’re a true man of the unexpected


…so where’s the Music in TtL 2 (on newer iOS versions) update?


it’s next on my list of compatibility updates. Music broke a couple iOS versions ago due to some engine->OS bug. Should be able to fix it this go around.


I know resources are limited, yet updating old catalogs (to meet iOS 11 with music) is something that hardcore players do respect. And reward. You got the proof with Kickstart. OML has made good games.
Announcing complete catalog update on Kickstart page would help to reach extended goals. Players love devs who do not abandon their games.


Thanks for updating TtL to be 64-bit compatible. Will you release a similar update to TtL2?

Looking forward to your next game on the Nintendo Switch, but I hope you have time to keep your existing great games going for a long time.



We’ve got an update for Tilt to Live 2 just around the corner. We hope to have it live in a few days.


Does it happen to include fixes for the missing background music? If not I shall see to collect more information on that next week.


Unfortunately, no. Spent a couple days trying to track that down specifically why it wasn’t working and couldn’t pin it down.




You rock! Thank you!


Tilt to live Gauntlet’s Revenge doesn’t work on my updated iPhone. Is the fix delayed or game abandoned?


Gauntlet’s Revenge isn’t getting updated to ios 11. With so few downloads, the work needed can’t be justified unfortunately.


just a heads up, you got the TTL Bundle “advertised” on your games page. You may want to ask Adam to let people know it’s <= iOS 10.


You not alone there. iPhone update cleared 200 games from my phone. And all those games had merits (at least to me).
iTunes and macOS changes don’t respect old software either. I have old iMac just for obsolete stuff I need once a year. Gladly I have two iPads that can’t get newest iOS. Too bad my iPhones are passed forward to new users, tilt to live games are best on iPhone.