Tournament Mode


For a long while now, self-unlocking games has been a feature in Outwitters for those that had to either re-install, get a new device, or some other reason. This was added as the negatives of losing a match out-weighed the suspected small gain from locking out those that are actually dishonest, not to mention the game is not a tiny download and anyone wishing to continually cheat would find it extremely tedious.

That being said, those that organize the higher level tournies do wish to maintain some automated level of security to keep the honest players honest. With that I’d like to try this approach out:

###Tourney Mode Accounts
What is it?
Your account will be tagged as a ‘tournament ready’ account. In which a re-install does not automatically unlock any games you’ve started. To do so, you would have to contact us via our normal support channel within the time limit.

Who can request it?
Anyone. You do not have to be participating in a tournament to add it to your account.

Can I turn it off after enabling?
Yes. Simply submit to the form again with the ‘Off’ option.

How can I check if an account is tourney-enabled?
I’ll be posting a public google doc showing accounts that have submitted to the form. Tourney organizers can use this as a guide to see which participants have it on or off.

Is it required to play in tournies?
It is completely optional. For now, we are leaving it up to the tourney organizers on what they wish to enforce. That being said, we do not wish to turn this into a witch-hunt and anyone that doesn’t have it on does not imply immediately that they are “cheaters” as there are very legitimate reasons to re-install the game at the moment.

Below is the form you can submit to request tourney-mode. Or view it separately in another tab here.

Update to Outwitters to remove the re-install cheat
2015 World Cup
The Elite Championship - Season 4 (Sign-ups open!)
The list qualifier has begun
OW Word Dom. Tourney - Season 1 Champs: Squad Teapot Tea
Friendly 1v1 Tournament WINNER: PHANTS
"The List" Tourney (#1 Gamtruly)
Issue playing Games after reinstall
Outwitters WORLD CUP #4 [Winner -PasswordisTaco-]
Mr_13en's list Winner is Gamtruly
Congratulations Super Titan Bowl III Champ: Torbreck.! (Buccanneers)
OW Word Dom. Tourney - Season 1 Champs: Squad Teapot Tea
OW Word Dom. Tourney - Season 1 Champs: Squad Teapot Tea


Current Tourney Mode Statuses:

The Elite Championship - Season 4 (Sign-ups open!)

Well that fixes the tourneys at least. I appreciate the effort, just bummed because I won so much more the last few days than usual in league. I was enjoying being able to try sneaky stuff and actually have it pay off.

I don’t suppose there is any way we could convince you to post a formal announcement about not reinstalling in the middle of turns? That would probably cut down on the amount of people asking for resets 10 fold. I know there are legitimate reasons for resets, and sometimes people need to reinstall, but I feel like you are catering to the cheaters here.

I hate to write a long post complaining, you do a lot for the community, but I’ve seen a lot of your top supporters and amazing players discouraged lately because of this issue.

However, I really do appreciate what you are trying to do here and the compromises you are making. Also I am looking forward to earning super Titan at a time where my name can be on a list of verified non cheaters when I am up against a sea of questionable people.


I don’t think this would change the cheaters’ ways, and would rather make more people know about the bug, and more people would abuse it.


It would change their ways if he kept the self resets turned off.


It’s something I’m be keeping an eye on. For the time being, the tourney mode will have to suffice while I try to get a few other more critical bugs fixed before I’ll probably have the bandwidth to revisit it.


Okay, well thanks for all the effort already Alex! Honestly greatful. Just keep in mind we are all looking forward to any future updates that will address this issue.

Keep up the work! Sorry to take you away from SFT!

OW Word Dom. Tourney - Season 1 Champs: Squad Teapot Tea

ok requested made, actually wasn’t aware of this but guess its recent ?


About a week old. So, pretty new :slight_smile:


Hey. Could you process this list before the firendly 1v1 tournament? @onealexleft


Seems automated now unless he is just on top of things. This is going to be a pain with my crashing issues. Seems like every couple days I’ll have a game where I make a move and it crashes then I can’t get the game to not crash long enough to finish the move.

Anyone have experience with this? Maybe if I reset my phone to factory new or something?


Your tournament mode was off initially. Then you sent a request to turn it on, and a day later to turn it off. Neither off those were processed according to the google document.


Well I turned it on for the tourney coming up. Got locked out of my game against beachlanding. Didn’t really want to lose so I turned it back off and reset it. After that I was unlocked. I made the same move, I always do. I think it’s pretty clear I made the same move. if you watch this game I have going against him that I’m taking a whomping and made several mistakes.

It’s frustrating but while I have these 2 tourneys going I’ll leave it on and just reinstall every night so hopefully I won’t have any issues.


Great that it is automatic! I thought it was’t
Have a great day=)


It’s not. I just monitor it and process accounts every few days.


#4 in tourney mode woot woot :wink:


Ah I just got lucky then. That’s a lot of work isn’t it Alex?


not horrible. I have a few admin tools to speed things up. It hasn’t caused enough an issue for me to spend time automating it.


I was wondering if you could process tournament mode soon? I had to factory reset my phone, so I am about to lose four games to time control:/
Thanks for your time :slight_smile: