Training tourney


With NOL winding down, and elite tourney starting up, I wanted to start a quick tourney for the fluffy/clever/gifted players.
I know there will be some awesome tourneys coming up. @TheRinger is talking about a 2v2 tourney. @mr_13en is talking about an amazing sounding tourney, but I wanted to sneak this in there before those got kicked off. This will be single elimination, 8 players. If anyone is interested, post your outwitters username here in the forums and I will set this up for you guys. What I am hoping is that some of the high level master, and super titans will post with advice and help break these games down to help the players improve.

I’ll start as soon as I get 8 people. first come first serve.


@spccsc sounds fun. IGN:Raxor117


Well…I just recently advanced to Masters but don’t consider myself that great. If you need room to fill, maybe I could join :wink:


yeah i think i think if you will include masters as well then the signups will increase and it will be a good learning experience for all.If you do include the masters sign me up gcid: big boss


How about making this tourney for any player that has never appeared on the weekly elite list?


I was hoping for fluffy and clever but there probably aren’t too many of those on the forums. Ok I’ll open it to anyone that has never been on the weekly elite. Please be honest!


If you go to and check the player, it’ll show all weeks (if any) that he or she has been on the list


I’ll like to sign up
Gcid : big boss


Oh no just saw this week’s list i am on 64th position so that means i can’t participate?


Send Alex a PM to post this in the Witters Digest too.


@spccsc don’t worry I’m gifted but I ain’t scared of no masters or super Titans. They are better but just because I’m in gifted doesn’t mean I can’t hold my own.


I know you aren’t scared, you just crushed me on glitch haha.


Thanks Ben, if we get enough interest I would like to have 2 brackets. One for fluffy and clever, and one for gifted and master. For now though I’ll keep it as anyone who hasn’t made it to the weekly elite. Now if I can only bribe some super Titans to do some game analysis write ups I would be set! any volunteers?


I would love to have you participate but I want to limit experience, I’m sorry buddy. Tell you what though, maybe you and I could play a 1v1 and try to talk someone into doing a write up on it. I have a few friends who are super Titan who might help us out :slight_smile:


Sure i will send you an invite


I was demoted! That means I’m eligible right??? I purposely demoted myself…yeah…100% intentional… :no_mouth:


Haha well we aren’t getting enough people :confused: