Trying to Come Up with a Cool Recording Artist Name


I’m trying to start a career as a recording artist, but I’m not sure I wanted to just straight up use my regular ol’ plain ol’ proper name, so I’m trying to come up with a cool name along the lines of Johnny Rotten or Michael Malice or something.

But I’m having a hard time.

My name is Luke. Here’s my list. Do any of these sound “cool”?

Luke Luminous
Lüke Lüminous
Luke the Luminous
Lüke the Lüminous
The Ant Bear
The Antbear
Antbear Luke
The Majestic Antbear
Luke Cobalt
Luke the Lion
Luke the Zealous
Luke the Wicked
Voodoo Luke
Lüke Vigilant
Lüke Virtuous
Luke Platypus

Or make a suggestion.

Thank you. If you come up with something amazing I’ll eternally be grateful to you.


Cancer man, or Luke the cancer man


You could go straight for Skywalker :slight_smile:


Out of all those, I like Voodoo Luke the most.


What type of recording? theres a big difference between country, death metal and jpop style names (for example).


Mike Oldfield is the closest thing to what I do that I’m aware of. I’m very eclectic.


Maybe do a variant on your real last name? If your name on your profile is your actual name then something that starts with a Sim sound could be interesting.

Unfortunately the only sim words I can think of right now are simple simulation simultaneous symmetry and scimitar and I don’t think any of those are the greatest


Samuel Scimitar sounds cool IMO. But I’m not named Samuel. :frowning:


Are there any cool sounding weapons that start with an L besides Lance and Longsword/bow?


Lochaber axe
Lucerne hammer

I kinda like the sound of Lochaber Luke but I fear no one would know what that is or how to pronounce it.

Luke the Landmine or maybe Landmine Luke… Not sure. Maybe.


I like Lochaber Luke, but I’m Scottish so probably biased and can pronounce it correctly!

Legacy Luke
Laser Luke
Light Beam Luke

…hmm not sure about those

As an aside if you want to check out the best song ever written that mentions Lochaber check out ‘Letter from America’ by the Proclaimers


No one threw out the obvious weapon that starts with an L and is commonly associated with the name Luke?




Lamprey? I don’t remember any Lukes dueling with eels. Am I close?


He meant lightsaber


He meant Schwartz


Were there lightsabers in Cool Hand Luke?


Hahahaha “I See your Schwartz is as big as mine.”


I finally settled on Luke the Lone.


Also started a blog on my website where I will talk about music I like, how I write music, videos of myself playing music, and so on.

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