Unanswered questions for the FAQ


@onealexleft @oneadamleft hey guys, I wanted to add some more stuff to the FAQ. If it’s too early to know or you guys just don’t feel like revealing any information yet please feel free to ignore any and all questions.

Will cross platform play be available? Windows and switch users all on one server? If so, will it be possible to invite specific users like you can in outwitters, or will it be like rocket league where you are limited?

Estimated release date(s)?

System requirements? (I know it’s too early still, I’m just putting this there to remind me to update the FAQ when I have the info)

Will there be a way for users to save replays and share them with friends or the community?

Are you guys considering releasing the game on any other platforms in the future?

Will there be a hard copy available for the game or will it be download only? (I feel like I asked this before but I think I just imagined I did) someone asked this question on the subreddit.