What happens with the GGCL 2014-15


Hi great community of Outwitters,

I know some of you (specially the old school playwrs) are disappointed about how the GGCL stopped, or just wondering what would happen with it.

I am Jesus Fuentes the main organizer of it. Here is the link about the League I am talking about for those who are kind of lost: GG Champions League 2014-15 (LIVE) [04/13/15]

Well, the thing is that between December 2014 and January 2015 some things happened in real life to my family specially to my brother “palotO” or “P4x” in Outwitters. Some family issues with him interfered with my free time and the focusing I had with the GGCL. I couldn’t manage everything at the same time despite I was trying my best to keep it up as much as I could.

I consider you deserved a kind of explanation of this because you all were supporting this event with your time and enthusiasm. Also because I am not the kind of person who offers something and then just goes off. I think it prudent not to give too many details but it might be enough to say that my brother is in prison unjustly, because of the Judicial System of Venezuela and a couple of lies. I am not ashamed to share it because God knows what I am talkig about and the terrible situation my family and I are going through. I haven’t posted anything before because my mood wasn’t the best and well… Hopefully we are going to overcome this soon.

That’s why maybe you see me still playing specially with him (Pax or palotO) because at least he can have a handphone where he is and can play Outwitters hehe.

I forgot the forum usernames of the players that were taking part of the GGCL. So if you can tag some of them in this post so they can get a reason about it it will be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Also thanks for understanding. And I am really sorry that I couldn’t continue.


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I know some people have already viewed this and will view it anyways, but these should be all the contestants bar one. Will get the rest because of 20 usernames/post limit


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I’m sad that this has happened to you both and your family. I didn’t really play against you all that much but I hope that the future will get easier for you both.


I was really sorry when I heard this from your message to me. Thank you very much for holding this fun and wonderful tournament indeed. I like it very much because I could match up with many players in this tournament. I am definitely continue support this tournament anytime.


Thanks for explaining and wishing you all the best to you and your family (obviously most strongly your brother)


All my best wishes to you buddy. The GGCL is fantastic but of secundary importance at the moment.

I hope everything works out!