What strategy games are Outwitters players playing..?




Ok I’m adding you guys up, including his_daddy


Playing Pokemon competitively a lot at the moment, luckily for me the qualifiers for the world championships is a 30m drive each year so trying hard this year


Hi all - I am a noob - just got the game today. I like it and plan to see how I go online soon - so see you out there.

This game reminds me of a game that I used to play and love on the iPad called Age of Booty Tactics. https://youtu.be/WG7jAdPPPms

It was turn-based strategy with hexes, but with boats on the sea. It was a fantastic game but was pulled after a couple of years as unprofitable. Shame that that is the way with thoughtful strategic games :slightly_frowning_face:

It was based on an RTS called Age of Booty which is still available on the XBox (360 game). Anyone familiar with that? Still playing it after 8 years and 10,000 games :slightly_smiling_face:

Also play UniWar, which is very good - although bit bored of it now so hoping Outwitters can fill that gap.


Hey welcome @GuernseyBoy! We always love new members!

Some people here still play Outwitters, but a lot of us stopped playing the game awhile ago and are just here for the awesome community. Most of us are waiting for Hex Gambit, which is Outwitters’s “successor”. If you haven’t seen it on Kickstarter definitely go check it out!

I personally don’t play any other games like Outwitters. I play mostly League of Legends and I may get into SSBM, Blade&Soul, or Battlegrounds soon but idk which one I want to focus on