What would you love to see for hexgambit kickstarter


What would you guys love to see as stretch goals and rewards in the upcoming hexgambit kickstarter?

Let me start off by saying I’m sure we would all love to see mobile release or mac release as a stretch goal, but that doesn’t seem likely at the moment so let’s exclude that. (Also not sure if there is a tiered reward list or not. Sorry if that’s not the case but this is just for fun anyway).

So, aside from the delux edition and skin they already announced as a reward, what would you guys like to see the most?

For a reward I would personally love nothing more than to get an action figure or plush of the veggienauts soldier, or honestly any character from outwitters. Sft figures would be cool too, but outwitters holds a special place in my heart.

For the stretch goal I’d like to see the most, it would be nice to get enough funding to allow Adam and Alex to hire a top of the line musician. I thought that I read somewhere that they hired musicians to compose outwitters music and it’s brilliant. If the music was equally as awesome as outwitters or better I would be extremely happy.

What would you guys choose?


If there was plush for outwitters or even the new HG I would do my best to get it. I would also have another reason to get a switch


I would love a plush mobi or AD sniper. For Hex Gambit, the motivator is already my favorite, so anything motivator related would be awesome. I would also want a T Shirt.

For stretch goals music would be great. I know that OML often partners with Mike Reagan and he has done an awesome job on all of the soundtracks so far.


Plushes are great, they’re tangible versions of your favorite characters :blush:
Scrambler plush, Defender plush, and Spiky shield TTL Arrow plush FTW


Just (plural form of plush because nothing sounds correct) for me.


Stuffed animals? Plushes? I never thought so many people would be interested in them haha. I thought I would be the odd ball of the group.