Windows emulator


Anyone know how to get a Windows emulator working on a Mac? (Low memory allocation, etc. is fine; I’ll only be using it for Hex Gambit.)


Look into VirtualBox (free) or VMware Fusion. The “tricky” part is getting a copy of Windows, but there are options (legal and illegal).


If you don’t mind rebooting, you can use Bootcamp, which is preinstalled on macs.


Would Bootcamp require me to purchase a version of Windows?




Is there any easy (and safe) way for me obtain a free copy of Windows?


Only if you buy a pc. Otherwise, nope. Windows 7 is about $25 now though, and it should work for HG.


even less legitimate ways?


Not that I endorse these things, but just google “how to get windows for free”. There are two steps - 1 is getting windows, which is actually the “free” and easy part. The next is activation, which us the part that needs to be worked around.


I think I have a copy of Windows 8 Pro sitting around that I’ll never use. I could give you the iso for the disc and the product key, and all you’d have to do is burn it or put it on a formatted thumb drive.
The only problem is I also have about 4 copies that are installed on some pcs sitting around.
Does anyone know if there’s any way to see if a product key is currently in use?


Would I be able to just directly boot the copy of Windows 8 with VMWare (without needing a formatted thumb drive)? I have around 20 GB on my Mac that I can use for this.


Pretty sure on Mac you can just boot camp and not need to activate anything


According to, you will need 55 GB to install Windows and you do need a 16 GB USB 2.0 flash drive. (assuming you’re using BC)
I can’t help you with VMWare, I’ve never used it, although I wouldn’t suggest booting off a non-installed copy of Windows.


My Mac is only 128 GB so I can’t do that then :frowning:
I guess I can try Wine or something and hope it works on Hex Gambit


You could probably use an external hard drive, although you’d have to get a 500 to 1024 GB hard drive (but at least some could be used by OSX if you partition it)


Given the correct ISO image file you should be able to do a full install inside a VMware virtual machine.

In this case, you should be able to choose which amount of disk space you want to allocate for the VM, too, so it should be doable @Flarp55.
Don’t hold me to it but as far as I remember a clean Windows install shouldn’t take more than 12-20 GB of space. Apple’s guidelines are due to Windows not functioning all that cleanly when your disk partition is near full, so they just want to make sure you can operate the bootcamped Windows installation with some files installed.

You guys should however back the Kickstarter regardless in hope of one of the stretch goals (or future updates) enabling Mac support.


Microsoft lets you use windows without a key. It is a limited version, but you can use it for Hexgambit:
See this page for more information


I’m fine with donating my spare Windows 8 key. In theory, if you find an 8.1 install .iso on the internet you could just install 8.1.